Monday, November 21, 2011

Smells like Christmas

So after many weeks of Jax crying at school, one day he finally just loved it. He didnt cry when I dropped him off and he has made many friends. He doesnt fight to go anymore and talks a lot about school. He is always bringing home crafts he had made and is very proud of his work.

Well last week in his Friday folder I get a note from his teacher that read:

Lori and Isreal,

Jaxson had to use the bathroom to go poop this morning. He called me in, "Mrs Gray! Come in here!
me-"are you done?"
Jax-" No, I want you to smell this. It smells like Christmas in here!"

When I read it I died laughing. I thought, Christmas??? That is not what our house smells like at Christmas time, unless, Hudson has a full dirty diaper, but where on earth did he get this from?

After talking to his teacher or rather laughing with his teacher, I asked"is there an air freshner in there?" she said "nope just bleach smell", and she went on to say, "it def didnt smell like bleach or Christmas when I walked in there!"

So there you have it, I have no idea where his thoughts come from half of the time!

Apparently at Christmas time our home smells like Shit!