Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Theres nothing like cosleeping

There is nothing like not having any room, the snoring, the farts, and kids everywhere in your bed. Don't get me wrong I love cosleeping most of the time but there is nothing like a romantic night with your husband with 2 kids in your bed. Its hard to get frisky to say the least. We have Jax at the bottom of the bed and Hudson between us, a few weeks back Jax was between us. It was late at night and we were up late watching a movie. I had said something smart to Isreal and he says, "don't make me spank you", before I was even able to say anything Jax pops his head up and goes, "who me???" 

This kid was in a dead sleep, he hears the word "spank" and it apparently triggers something. We started laughing and I said "yes if you don't go back to bed"

When we want to watch something in bed and the kids are still awake we usually give them the iphone or kindle to watch their shows on while we watch ours.

One night Jax was laying in his usual position at the end of the bed facing us with the iphone, we were watching The Walking Dead which if you don't know its about zombies. At a commercial break Jax goes, "wow that was a scary part", I said "what??" well apparently he had watched the whole show using the iphone turned off so he was watching the reflection through the black screen. I almost freaked, I was surprised he didn't have nightmares that night!!!