Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A good nights sleep

So last night Isreal didn't get home until 8:30. I have been wishing for a good nights sleep for a long time, but with a teething baby and a toddler, a good nights sleep are hard to come by. So I decided tonight is the night, everyone in their own beds so I can sleep. I already had the kids bathed and in bed. The baby was in his crib and Jax and I were cuddling in my bed watching Funniest Home Videos.

We were just sitting there and I get a text message on my phone and started messing around with the new iphone I just received, all of a sudden I get a burst of cherry flavor smell in the air. I look over and Jax had taken the whole tube(I say whole tube like its a lot but its tiny) off the night stand and squeezes it all over the pillow. Good God child!!!!, it was everywhere, all over him and the pillow. I scolded  him and changed the pillow case, cleaned him up and put him to bed.  I went to bed with all the children in their own beds, this rarely happens and for once I had the bed to myself and fallen asleep.

All of a sudden I wake up about an hour later thinking I heard the baby cry and I can't feel my freakin lip. It was numb. I quietly freaked out thinking something was terribly wrong. OH MY GOD WAS I HAVING A STROKE?? I thought to myself. Then I remember Jaxsons orajel epidemic on my pillow. Well it must have gotten on my blanket or my hand and it touched my lip because it was numb. Oddly enough i couldn't fall back asleep, its a weird tingly feeling and its all I felt for awhile. Annoyed and tired, I finally fell back to sleep.

 It was probably about 2am, I stirred and felt something strange under me,  I think to myself "what the hell is that" I felt under my butt and pulled out a thomas the train toy, nothing like a toy train under my butt in the middle of the night. Jax seems to think he needs to take toys with him to bed to play with before he falls asleep. Well one managed to make its way under me.

Seriously, even though I don't have any children in bed with me for the first time in years, they are still keeping me up at night, go figure.

This isn't the first toy I have slept with throughout the years, if its not a train in my butt, its a car, army man, book or any other object he took to bed that night. One night I randomly woke up with a sticker stuck to my cheek, not sure how it got there, I have also woke up to pacifiers in odd places. I guess it comes with the territory of having children.

Although I am happy to report that baby Orajel really works well, even for adults. I am also happy to report that toy trains do not belong in your butt during the night, its uncomfortable and it leaves bruises. Also if you plan to get a good nights sleep with small children, just forget about it, its probably not going to happen and you just have to live with it. Maybe I will try again in 5 years.

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