Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list right? Heres mine.

Since my husband will not move out of this small town we live in, I feel like there are so many places I would like to travel to, here are some destinations.

Things to see:
Rocky Mnts
Grand Canyon
real pirate ship/pirates
Vince Vaghn( I wouldnt mind if he kissed my cheek too)

Get married

Get my eyes corrected, i know this may seem silly to some but I have had glasses/contacts since I can remmeber, it would be nice to be able to wake up some morning and just be able to see.

Have Kids

Skinny dip

Assist and watch a live birth, I think I would have been a great maternity nurse, too bad I thought of this after I already got 2 degrees.

Have a small farm, cows, pigs and chickens

Adopt or foster care (as if I dont have enough children around here)

Ride a zamboni between hockey periods

Own a home

Have a college degree

See that one ex and look totally amazing

Have a real job

Have identical twins

Grow old

Save someones life with CPR

This list is subject to change at any time.