kids recipes

Frozen banana fingers

Several ripe bananas
wheat germ or granola
yogurt(vanilla or plain)

Peel and cut bananas in half and quarter up the halves
cover bananas in yogurt and roll in wheat germ or granola
freeze for several hours

makes a great healthy snack that kids love to eat!

Frozen yogurt

yogurt(any flavor, any kind)

I put yogurt in ice trays with toothpicks and let it freeze, kids love these and its healthy

Another good one is putting Gogurt in the freezer and serve frozen, another hit with the kids.

Make your own wraps
lunch meat
slice cheese

The kids love making their own lunch, I find them eating it all up when they do. Lately we have been making our own sandwiches and wraps.

I put out lunch meat, turkey and ham, cheese and tortillas. I let the kids pick out which meat they want and they place it in the tortillas with their cheese, I spread on mayo and they roll it up and eat it.