Thursday, March 3, 2011

Misreal Isreal

So my husband is not a huge fan of me having a blog, actually last night as I as complaining about not having enough Internet time he said  that I was going to be "one of those people". WHAT?? what people? He said the blogging people who write down everything about their lives for the world to know. I said no if you would actually get on the Internet and navigate away from craigslist and ebay, stop searching for a truck or toys you wish you still had as a child you would see its about the children and the crazy things they put me through. He started mumbling something, which if you knew Isreal he is a good mumbler.

So my response to him was "I'm sooo putting that in my blog", from here on out whenever he irritates me I will say "yep, going in the blog" or "ohhhh good blog material" or something smart like that. Maybe even, "can you slow down I need to write this down", hahahaa

But really this blog is not about criticizing my husband or expressing my thoughts and emotions for the world to read. Its really about my kids and the things they do. But in reality, I sometimes feel like he is my fourth child so its ok to include him once in awhile, right?  hehe


  1. Funny, my wife says the same thing about me (That sometimes I'm like her second son). I like the post and hope to get a minute to read the rest. I've got a few sites running myself but like you said, hard to get internet time with a family and kids. Good luck.

  2. Hey, if he doesn't want it out there he shouldn't say it :)