Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well Easter was a success.  I thought I would be really disappointed knowing Kailey knows the truth about the holidays but it really wasn't that bad. Here are some things that actually was in my favor.

-she helped me pick out what to put in the baskets and was more excited because she knew what she was getting.
-I got a good nights rest, not having to worry about waking up and putting baskets together in the middle of the night and placing them out before the kids woke.
-I actually got up about 7 am and played Easter bunny and then had some time to myself before the kids woke up.
-Hiding things from a 1 and 2 year old was WAY easier than hiding them from a 10 year old. I wasn't out in the cold garage climbing up a ladder in the middle of the night getting the gifts.
-Kailey wasn't up all hours of the night either trying to really see the Easter bunny or trying to see me play the Easter bunny and catch me in the act, therefore I got really good rest.
-And the number one ultimate best thing was that she wasn't up at the butt crack of dawn!!!!

Kailey really loves her brothers and little kids so she really got them excited for the holidays, it was cute.

Here are some Easter pic events.
Jaxson getting his basket

Hudson wasn't very happy

Kicks his basket over

now hes better and enjoys his basket

Jaxson ready for the Easter egg hunt

Hunting for eggs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When Kailey was about 7 or 8 her tooth fell out. The tooth fairy was coming and she was sooo excited. That night she put her tooth under her pillow and went to bed. Of course me, a sleeper, frantically worried about forgetting to put the money under her pillow. What if I forgot to wake up?? I couldn't possibly just stay awake all night,  so I set my alarm and went to bed. The alarm went off and I got up to play tooth fairy. I walked into Kailey's room. It was dark and Kailey was fast asleep. Now all I had to do is sneak in, grab the tooth and get out of there. In and Out, that was the plan.

Well the plan didn't go to well. As I snuck in the dark bedroom, I stumbled over a toy and fell to the ground. I laid there like an army man hiding from his attacker, flat on the ground I heard Kailey stir. I held my breath and waiting for her to go back into a deep sleep. I hit the floor hard, there were toys everywhere and I think I landed on some markers.
There I was at 2 am laying on toys in a dark room, not the greatest situation I have ever been in. I crawled to my knees, and got to her bed. I reached under her pillow and the tooth wasn't there. Holy freakin Hell, where is the tooth? I can't leave money and not take the tooth!! So I moved very slowly to the next pillow, keep in mind she is sleeping on her pillow, of course she put it under the pillow that is on the other side of her, near the wall. I crept over her and without breathing or touching her, finally found the tooth and left the money. I turned around and crept out of the room, it was like dodging land mines in a battle field. I got out without a scratch, well besides my hurt knee from falling on the floor, OPERATION TOOTH FAIRY WAS A SUCCESS!!

So last night she lost another tooth. I was in her room and we were talking about the tooth fairy. I was thinking about my plan for the tooth fairy. Her room was clean and she had 1 pillow on her bed. What if I slipped the money under her pillow right now before she went to bed so I didn't have to worry about waiting for her to fall asleep or creeping in the middle of the night? How could I get it under without her noticing? I laid on her bed while I talked to her. Oh and guess what the tooth fairy only had 10s and 20s that night, lucky her, I slipped a 10 under her pillow and said goodnight. As I walked out she started giggling and said "mom, I have known for 2 years now, thanks for the money"
How did she know??? I froze and turned around and said, "What are you talking about"?? "Whatever mom, I know the truth, just tell me" So I told her the truth and said "2 years??????, I have been going through all of this for nothing for 2 YEARS!!!!!!" I laughed with her and we talked a bit, she told me how she figured it out.

Then I was sad, I feel when your child knows the truth about these things, you mind as well give them a job and move out of the house, they are practically an adult. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast!! I also was very happy that I could go to bed and not have anxiety about getting money under her pillow.

Now I know why the tooth fairy left money on my window sill in the kitchen as a child, what a smart mother I had!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

doctor, doctor.....

So two of my kids who are siblings have recently gone to their doctor's for physicals. So guess what all the kids have been doing the past couple of days. Oh yes, playing doctor. I even have a pretend doctor kit which has been very popular these last few days. Here are some things I have been over hearing, keep in mind there is 1 five year old and 3 two and half year olds.

Two year old girl lays on her back and says to the kids "now check out my penis". Now when I overheard this word "Penis" come out of a 2 year old girls mouth I immediately ran in to investigate. Well yes she was laying on her back and pointing to her "penis", I calmly said, " "M" no checking out penis' and you don't even have a penis" she quickly sat up stunned that I knew what was going on. The other kids were looking at her like she was crazy, either because they knew she didn't have a penis or they wanted to see if she did in fact really had a penis, either way, they were confused.

Its kinda funny, I have a window that is between my living room and kitchen so I can see everything that goes on in the living room when I am in the kitchen, its seems like the kids don't think I can see out that window. They look in the dining room to see if I am looking before they do something they are not supposed to do and then shocked that I catch them, HELLLOOOO I am looking through the window at you kids, its apparently a magic window, they can see in but no one can see out?!!

Back to the doctor talk, I then saw again another girl laying on her back and lifting up her shirt and said, "now for my boobies", well at least she got the right body part and terms down. So again I went in and told all the kids "now I don't mind that you play doctor, but no penis and booby checking, you keep your shirts down and your pants up. Your private areas are meant to be private" Then the 5 year old boy, like always, has to charm into the fact that his doctor had to check it out and that its ok when mommy is there with you but no one else. I said "yes, but not here at my house" .They just looked at me. WOW, all I can say is that we have some fresh little kids here, and playing doctor has certainly got more technical then taking ones blood pressure and temperature.

So happy that they are now into playing with the train table, I had to get their focus to something different.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All aboard the Dinosaur Train!!

So I took the kids on the Dinosaur train yesterday. I wanted to treat my kids to something special without any extra kids. Jaxson loves this PBS cartoon show and anything to do with trains and dinosaurs is going to be a hit. It was really fun and REALLY packed, they had bus loads of preschoolers pulling in, we waited in line for half an hour just to get our tickets. This is the second time we have been to this train, we did the train robbery back in the Fall which was a lot of fun.
They had cut outs of dinosaurs along the way that the kids had to find looking out the window. They also had crafts and activities for the kids to do along the way. The train departed from Milford NY to Cooperstown NY about an hour long train ride. Here are some pics of the kids on the way.

Jax waiting for the train to depart from the station.

looking for the dinosaurs

Jax telling Hudson about the dinosaurs out the window

Kailey telling that "this is lame" Yes I made her go

Hudson enjoying the ride

This is Jaxson's reaction when Buddy the dinosaur came on board

Buddy saying "hi" to us

Saying "bye" to Buddy

I totally forgot to take a picture of the outside of the train, it was hectic and tons of people to make my way through. I am glad we did it, and we will definitely be riding on this train again!! Wish I had a funny story to tell you but I don't. Jaxson was EXCELLENT. thank goodness!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's events

So yesterday I started my Spring cleaning. What a challenge it has been with the kids. I don't have as many as I usually do but with the school being closed this week I have had some school aged kids as well. I decided to do one room a day, today was the kitchen. Here's a pic of Hudson trying the "help" me clean out the cupboards. He emptied the whole cupboard himself.

Yesterday we were outside all day long, a mere 75 degrees and we were loving it. Guess what I found in Hudson's diaper today? Well besides his poop, LEAVES, yep pieces of leaves. It was sooo gross. Why does he need to eat everything? It can't possibly taste good, and how does he choke it down? OH MY GOD I totally forgot, guess what I caught him doing today? Licking the dust pan!!! Our dust pan has got to be the grossest thing in our house, its dirty and God knows whats on it, I started to dry heave while I was wiping out is mouth. Eww I just puked in my mouth thinking about it.

While we are on the poop and gross conversations guess what I got for the first time with Jaxson this morning? Poop in the underwear!
Now, I don't know about you but there is something about poop in underwear. Yes its gross but its also impossible to get the underwear off without getting it all over the place, and for your information, it was not one hard lump, it was the worst kind of poop in the underwear, mushy!! I thought it would be a good idea to put undies on him this week since I didn't have as many younger kids, but that went right out the window, diapers went right back on!! I knew he was doing it as soon as I saw him hiding, but it was too late.
Not to mention when you get the poop in the underwear, you hate to throw out a new pair but seriously how are you going to salvage it, it went right into the garbage. He was really upset and started crying when I threw his Thomas the Train underwear in the garbage, I said to him, "seriously why are you crying??? I should be the one crying, do you know what I just went through???" It smelt so bad and it was everywhere!!

Besides eating leaves and licking the dustpan, Hudson also decided he would draw a picture, he might possibly be a genius. 11 months old and already using a easel. So what if he eats unusual things, maybe he is a artist!!

Tomorrow I have a special surprise for the kids, I purchased train ride tickets and they are featuring the PBS cartoon Dinosaur Train. I usually don't do things like this on my own, so I hope it goes well, I'm a little scared! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone Needs a Jaxson

So Jaxson is by no means a bad boy, he is just challenging at times, he is a typical 2 1/2 year old boy and then some. Jaxson is my cuddler, he loves to be held, he loves to hug and kiss and he loves to not listen. Yesterday was one of those days, I'm not sure if he tests me because he is my child and he has to share me with other children or if its a typical toddler boy but here are some things he did yesterday.

Lets start off with breakfast, he is the only child, 2 of them are his age, that is going to spill his drink on the table and then play in it, wipe it all over and splash it on the floor, this happens typically once a day. Yes that is milk in his hair.

When we do arts and crafts he will draw, paint or scribble on himself and the table. He paints his face every time. I refuse to give him scissors.

When the kids wash their hands before we eat he will be the first to wash his hands and purposely won't dry them so he can shake the excess water off of his hands onto the kids faces, they scream and he runs away laughing. Wish I had a pic of this one but I don't.

We tried to play a game yesterday, Elefun, its catching the butterflies in the net.The kids love this game but Jax just likes the nets to use as hats. He really does like to make people laugh.

And at nap time, all the kids go down without a fight, Mr Jaxson gets out of bed 20 times and came out with a nerf gun crawling on the floor looking for me, like he was going to shoot darts at me. And then he hid on me, can you see him under the blanket on the floor?

In the afternoon, another hand washing incident, Jax was still in the bathroom when all the kids were done, I went in to investigate and he had taken Kaileys tooth paste tube and squeezed all the toothpaste out on the counter, wiped it on him, the wall and door, not only was it all over the place but as soon as I walked into bathroom I stepped into a big glob of it. I didn't take a pic of this, I wasn't impressed, but should have.

When we went outside there was one rule, do not go into the water, guess where Jax ran to? And then refused to get out of it. This kid is going to do the opposite of what I tell him to do, maybe I should use reverse psychology and tell him, "go into the water" then maybe he wont. I don't know, hes not really bad, he just doesn't make the right choices. : )

Jax dressed himself the other day, He did a great job. Even though he keeps me on my toes, I wouldn't trade this kid for anything, he loves to make people laugh, he is lovable and loves his baby brother, Hudson is 11 months now and is starting to mimic what Jaxson does, this may not be a good thing. I love my boys and everything they bring to the world.

Monday, April 4, 2011

he ate it

So what many of you people don't know is that I am a huge couponer, it started in the last 6 months and I have been seriously addicted to couponing. Its like a game to see how much you can save shopping. well this morning I was gathering coupons and had a pile on the table. I was excited to come across some FREE product coupons and was anxious to use them, who doesn't like free stuff right??

Well, I was just finishing up lunch with the kids and noticed Hudson chewing on something, went over and saw it was paper, took it out of his mouth and investigated. It was my COUPON!!! Not any of the ones I didn't care about but one of my free product coupons.
I know, I know, your thinking, big deal right?? But it is a big deal, I expect this out of a dog or a cat, or even a bunny, but my baby??? He ate my freakin coupon and that doesn't make me happy. WHY DOES HE EAT EVERYTHING HE COMES IN CONTACT WITH? Maybe he has pica.
Those of you who dont know what Pica is:
Pica is a eating disorder that affects children and pregnant women.
Between 10% and 30% of kids ages of 1 to 6 years have the eating disorder pica, which is characterized by persistent and compulsive cravings (lasting 1 month or longer) to eat nonfood items.


Oh and I really don't think Hudson has Pica but he seriously eats EVERYTHING!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I didn't know about having a boy

So I was the youngest of 3 girls, and most of our family are females. Also, my first was a girl, Kailey, so I was sooo used to having a girl. I always wanted a boy, I love little boys and everything they have to offer. The one thing that people didn't tell me about little boys is their penis'.

What I really mean by that is why didn't anyone tell me about baby boners???? I didn't know this event happens so early in life. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against boners by any means, for God sakes I have 3 kids but when I am changing my little boys diaper I don't want it looking back at me. I understand the whole morning wood thing but it also happens in the middle of the day, at night, or anytime at that.

I had so many questions and so many things to think about, do I wipe it down, when you are diapering them does it go up, down or just leave it. How do I clean it? Do they clean it? So confusing.

Here are some facts I think every mother of a baby boy should know, which I have learned the hard way.

-a baby boner doesn't just happen in the morning!! It can happen at anytime of day or night.

-when a little boy gets up in the morning, its just best if you give them some time before changing their diapers.

-If you are changing a little boy if you can, put it down or they will pee up out of their diaper.

-with a newborn, be on gaurd at all times when changing their daipers because they will pee without any warning and they can pee FAR!!

-its ok, even at a young age, as soon as they find it they will play with it, diapering them, bath time, or when they watch tv.

-don't freak out when they start wearing underwear that you will see it standing tall. Its a whole lot of new feeling not having a diaper on, must be refreshing.

-they pee everywhere, as an infant they pee when you change them, as a toddler they pee when they don't have diapers on and when they are potty trained, they can't aim for SHIT!!!

There I said it, now more mothers of future little boys know, boys will be boys, and they will be fascinated with it!

Here I am with two little boys, I wanted 2 boys, but now knowing what I know, I'm surrounded by penis' and their love for it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

new playset

So this year we decided to get rid of our old swingset and upgrade to a newer model. I have always loved the big wooden playsets, so decided to splurge and buy one for the kids this year. I have been researching them for a year now. Prices, shipping, weight capacity and so forth.

I needed one that would accommodate 3-12 years of age and hold many children.
There were so many questions, how tall?? Should I get monkey bars? Sandbox? and so forth. After hundreds of websites, reading millions of reviews I have finally narrowed it down and just purchased the Patriot Adventure Playset. A "Patriot" just sounds like a really good sturdy swingset, right??

The Patriot has an awesome upper clubhouse with second level sun porch. Down below there's a two-level play deck / sand box and a picnic table. A standard ladder and solid rock wall allow climbing to be both easy or challenging. The spiral slide is a blast! There are two belt swings and a two-person glider so four can swing at once. (sand sold seperately)
I decided not to go with monkey bars since it seems too dangerous with the younger children. I found this the cheapest at Target, they had it on sale and with free shipping. Can't wait to get it and set it up, the kids are going to love it!! Will show pics when its all together. Isreal is going to be thrilled when we have to put it together!!