Monday, March 19, 2012

Farts are funny!!

So there we were at Jax's preschool St Patricks day party. There was a small crowd of parents than normal and the snacks were all eaten. The teacher called the kids over to the circle rug for share time. The parents were invited to stay and watch. A little boy gets up and shows his truck, and did a very nice job. Next was a little girl, showing her doll. Jax was sitting very nicely listening to the other kids share their toys. Everything was gong smoothly. There was a silence in the room while this little voice spoke of her doll and how she sleeps with her at night when all of a sudden you hear a "brrrrRRRRRRRT"  Oh yeah if you don't know what that word is, its a fart noise.

You will never guess who let out that big ripper of a fart during share time. You guessed it, my little boy Jax. He got really embarrassed as two boys moved away from him, he put his hand over his mouth and began to chuckle.

I thought "oh god", and started to snicker. I know, I know, how immature of me to snicker, but he was soo freaking funny. I'm sorry that I am almost 31 and think farts are still funny. They will always be funny.

I tried to compose myself in sake of the little girl who was still trying to share her doll. Jax kept looking over at me with his hand cupping his mouth and smiling, I was holding it in the best I could, I even went as far as biting my own finger just so I didn't laugh out loud. The more Jax looked at me the more I wanted to laugh, but no one else was laughing, I had to look away, just look away. I even snuck to the back of the parents just so I didn't see Jax's face, whenever he looked at me he snickered and I wanted to laugh too. The teacher just looked at us, it was like I was in school all over again.

After 5 mins of composing myself, I could return to the share time, yes I had to walk away, I had to be the mature parent, but in reality, I wanted to laugh so hard with him, man farts are funny, especially when there is a room full of people with dead silence.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Jax's clone

Move Over Jax, theres a new kid in town and his name is HUDSON KID!!!!

Can't tell which one is which?? Hudson is to the right. Its hard sometimes because he is the same size as his older brother Jax.  And he is Jax's clone, he does everything Jax does, he says everything Jax says. From "fart knocker", to "diarrhea cha cha cha". If its not bad enough I have one kid saying it, now I have two!!! If Jax dances, Hudson dances, if Jax cries, Hudson pretends to cry, he says it all and now that he is turning two in a few months he is getting out of that baby stage and starting to come into his own personality.

We started potty training Hudson since he likes to sit on the toilet.

He hasn't gone yet but he sure likes to wipe himself. But toilet paper isn't the only thing he has puts into the toilet, he likes to sneak into the bathroom and put the whole roll in, he also put Kailey's hairbrush and swirled it around a bit, and also flushed Jax's sunglasses!!

One day I found him "cooling off" in the dogs water dish. Or maybe taking a bath, not really sure!

There are many differences between the two boys, Jax is more like me, small and full of piss and vinegar. Hudson is more like his father, stocky and sensitive, he gets his feelings hurt easily and will let you know. But the one thing he loves to do is EAT!!! He is a human vacuum cleaner!!

Hudson will eat anything. He will finish his plate and then  finish whatever Jax didn't eat on his plate and then sometimes asks for a snack afterwards!! He loves his peanut butter and Jelly!!

Have I forgot to mention that Hudson is a GENIUS?????

He was so proud to find out that a sticker stuck to his snot!! Yep, hes special!! Luckily, besides the bead I pulled out of his ear one day this is the only other thing he has put in his nose or ears.

Did I mention his sensitive side??? Yes he does, he fell in love with my tutu's I made.
Isreal is not so impressed with his son, he didn't want to take it off and liked to model it!!
But hes not all sensitive, he has a manly side too. Hudson is a mad hunter with sharp shooter skills. He loves to pretend to shoot things, he plays a hunting game on the wii and scores higher than me.He has a shooting stance and puts his eye up to the gun like he is really focusing on his shot. He walks around with guns and shoots things all the time, which gets really old and I have to hide the guns so he will use his finger. We will be in a car and I hear, "pooosh, poosh" and I look back to him pointing his finger gun out the window.

I'm sure this is the beginning of my writings on Hudson. He is really a great kid, he loves to snuggle, he is starting to talk alot and has a mind of his own.

When I see pics like this, I think of all the reason's why we decided to have Hudson, we wanted a sibling for Jax to grow up with, so glad they have each other, although sometimes, I wonder why I had that third child because they begun to fight with each other, but at night when he reaches over and hugs me and says, "I wuv you", he makes everything worth it!!