Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love my little boy but.....

boys are just weird!!! I am truly convinced that they ARE in fact from another planet. Not only does Jax pretend to drink beer, and I'm not talking about pretend play at our house but he pretends in front of strangers at restaurants that he is drinking beer and its sooo yummy!! I am surprised I haven't been turned in to social services.

He also swears like a truck driver. We are still working on the potty situation and I was making him go in and go to the bathroom, I carried him in and on his way in he is saying "God Damn it"  like it was the worst thing in the world. I told him that it was a bad word to say and he insisted it wasn't. So now certain words people say he tells them not to say it because its a bad word, even though its not, So Im truly convinced he doesn't know what he is saying and that its bad. He hears it enough out of Isreals mouth to not think anything of it, and yes of course its Isreal's fault!!

So he also learned that its WAY cool to pee outside, I mean I must have seen his little unit a thousand times hanging out of his pants one night, he was just whipping it out just to have it out I think because there is no way he had to pee that much. Its really ok with me but we live in the village and have neighbors all around us, not sure how they feel about this because he will go where ever he pleases. I tried to explain to him to hide behind something like a tree or pretend to water it but he likes to pee in the middle of the yard and then yell out loud "mommy I peed.....OUTSIDE!!!" Bless his little heart : { Nothing like drawing a little attention to him while he does it, people are driving by and probably saying, "oh now thats a nice house, oh wow and a little boy peeing outside........... right in the middle of the yard, how nice"  I'm waiting for the time that we are out in public at a park or something and he whips it out in front of everyone, or God forbid Kaileys soccer game!!

We went to a wedding over the weekend and it was a casual wedding at Isreal's grandmothers home, it was a blast, I bought everyone new outfits. I bought the boys shorts, dress shirts with ties, everyone wore everything and looked awesome except Jaxson, he refused to wear the shirt and I was done fighting with him, so he wore his shorts and just a tie, yep no shirt, I also spiked his hair and of course everyone LOVED him and thought he was the cutest thing ever but deep down inside I was wanting to kill him for fighting with me, but it turned out ok, I will post pics when I get them, I had strangers coming up to me wanting to take his picture.

Oh and yes, if you were wondering he did pee outside in front of everyone, we were under a tent and he was right outside of it, good thing he wasn't alone, his little GIRL cousin was right along side of him peeing outside, how nice. Now of course everyone thought it was so cute and funny but as the parent, its not so funny, I wasn't there to see it but I do know someone had to help Jax pull his shorts back up, he ran around with his butt hanging out. Good grief!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Got Beer?

So today I gave Jaxson a cup of apple juice and he asked, "is this beer?" I said "no its apple juice" as I chuckled. He then said, "no its beer", I said "no its apple juice, and how do you know what beer is?"

In walks two little girls I was watching and he said, "my mommy gave me beer", I said "no mommy didn't, its juice" the one girl says, "I want beer too", I said "we don't have beer here, hes just pretending", so then they walked off pretending they were drinking beer. I tell you what if one of the girls go home and tells their parents they were drinking beer at my house I have a lot of explaining to do, I can picture it now, "mommy, we drank beer at Lori's house today" or " Lori gave us beer" I don't know but this could be bad!!

I don't even know where he learned what beer was because we don't drink in front of our kids, but he has been pretending to drink beer all day and he says its soooo yummy!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


WHY, WHY, WHY??????

Why doesn't Hudson sleep through the night yet?
Why does Jaxson insist on not getting potty trained and peeing in his underwear?
Why can't I go to the store with my kids and not feel like I went through war when I come out?
Why does Jaxson ask why for EVERYTHING?
Why does Hudson whine all day long?
Why did Jaxson decide not to take naps anymore?
Why does Kailey ask for ice cream every single night like an addiction? ( this is all I can come up with for Kailey, I have no single complaints about her but couldn't leave her out of my why session)
Oh and Why is Kailey almost the same size as me, I don't like it!!
Why does she think she needs a boyfriend? (ok I lied there are some things for her I wonder about)
Why does Jaxson insist on doing the opposite of what I tell him to do?
Why can't all the kids sleep in their own beds for one single night?
Why can't I go into the bathroom alone just one time and not have an audience?
Why wont Hudson stop eating dog food? This is starting to be an every day meal for him.
Why can't I have a normal phone conversation without a kid interrupting me or crying in the background?
Why do my kids eat all day long and then tell me they are hungry?
Why does Jaxson sneak into the bathroom and eat and play with the toothpaste? But when it comes time to brush his teeth he wants no part in it.
Why doesn't the locks on the food cabinet keep my little ones from getting inside and helping themselves?
Why wont Hudson eat any food besides blueberries and cheese doodles, and dog food? For every meal??
Why does Jaxson think its funny to trip Hudson when he is walking and laugh when he falls down?
Why doesn Hudson poop every time in a new fresh clean diaper? no matter how long I wait to change him in the morning.

Oh Yes, I know why, its because I chose to be a mother and this is what having kids is all about!!!  : )