Wednesday, June 22, 2011

play set

So we finally got the kids play set put together, well its been up for a month now and I have to say that the kids LOVE it!!! Its all they do. It has so many things to do on it and it accommodates all the children and age levels that I have here. It took my husband and a friend 2 days to put it together, here are some pics.

My husband working hard and the kids could not wait!!

The finished product, well almost finished project.

This is the picnic table that goes inside behind the rock wall and shutters for all the windows. There is also a glider swing that goes where the baby swing is. If anyone knows my husband he doesn't like to finish a project to completion, he likes to leave the last details for another time apparently.

Even Simon likes it!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

who knew?

So there I sit at the drs again for Hudson's ears and he is sleeping on me. Its 1 in the afternoon and its nap time. Its us, a glowing new family and their newborn and an 1 old man. We sat for 20 mins waiting to get in, it was quiet, and boring. The newborn started crying and the new mother tried everything to comfort him, I look over and the old man who keeps staring at me. I thought well there wasn't really much else going on to look at, but he just kept smiling.  I smile back as my normal happy self.

The new couple kept looking over now and then, the mother trying to comfort her baby and I just kept going about my business.

After 15 minutes of him smiling at me and staring I thought well maybe he thinks I'm pretty, "yep, 30 and still got it in me", well lets be honest hes no Brad Pitt and he was really old so, I just kept smiling back. What a nice happy old man he was.

 Maybe he likes babies, I thought,  although he was smiling and looking at MY baby, not the brand new baby screaming his head off, a little too weird don't you think?  So I look down at my sleeping baby and I see what he was really smiling and staring at, Hudson had his hand on my V-neck shirt and my boobs were EXPOSED!!! Not just my cleavage but half of one of my boobs was almost hanging out.

I quickly moved his hand and the old man looked away, YEP that's what he was looking at, not my pretty face or my pretty smile, not my charming self and definitely not my sleeping little angel, but yes my breasts!!!

How did I not feel my boob hanging out of my shirt??? WOW, didn't see that coming!!

Who knew old men still liked boobies, he looked so sweet and old and innocent but nope he got a show, and your welcome old man, have fun at home with your wife tonight. The peep show is over!

Lets be honest, males are males no matter what age, they all like it!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

shower incident

The other day I was getting out of the shower, it was no different than any other shower, I was drying off, I had a small audience and it was just like any other day, except this time Jax turns to me as I was drying off and laughs. Not only does he laugh but he points at me and says, "hahhahaaha look at your wiener, hahahahaha". I wasn't sure if i should laugh, correct him or just kick him out of the bathroom. So I did all three, I laughed and said, " mommy doesn't have a wiener" and quickly covered myself with my robe. He then turned around and walked out of the bathroom and chuckled, "mommy has a wiener", under his breath.  I was really expecting him to laugh and tell me how small it was or something but he just laughed and pointed. Okay I thought to myself, no more showering if front of Jax anymore.

He also will not stop saying, "puppy power" and pretending to pee in the air. I dont know where he got this from but when did he go from a cute little toddler to a typical little boy.

And why is it that Hudson cries when I spank Jaxson??? This is the total opposite of what is suppose to happen. Hudson cries and Jaxson laughs, so when I spank Jax for being mean to Hudson, Hudson is going to cry for him, so this tactic is not working for me.

Hudson also likes to hit Jax, all the time, I can foresee many fights in the future between these two kids, They are already wrestling and fighting over toys and the sad thing is, is that Hudson already beats up on his big brother. I knew he was going to be a brute at his 8.8 pounds of birth weight but I thought Jax would always have the upper hand as the big brother, but apparently not!
Jax and Hudson

Friday, June 3, 2011

when the urge strikes

So Hudson has been battling ear infections for the past 3 months and we finally got referred to an ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat doctor). So yesterday we were on our way. I arranged care for Jaxson and Kailey so I could just focus on him and what the doctors had to say. Unfortunately we had to drive an hour to get to the hospital and I decided to drink a cup of coffee on the way. We arrived on time and checked in.

Of course you guessed it, I felt the urge to have to go to the bathroom. I decided that I could hold it. We waited for about 20 mins and got called into the exam room. We talked to the nurse, went in for hearing tests and then met the ENT and he did his own evaluation and tests. We then talked to him for awhile. Meanwhile, yes I still had to pee. When we were done we had to check out and set up another apt this meant sitting and waiting. At this point, my bladder was about to explode, it was hurting and I was holding it. My face must have looked flustered, I was wiggling in my seat and sweating bullets. Meanwhile, I was lugging this 23 pound baby around and sitting him on my lap. Once in awhile he would hit my bladder with his foot or arm and I almost lost it a few times, every time he did I almost peed a little.

Normally when this happens I either had a stroller I could keep him in or I had Kailey to hold him, but at that point in time I had neither. I contemplated my options:

I could bring him into the bathroom and try to hold him on my lap and go, although pulling my pants down and up while holding a child could be impossible, then to wash my hands,

I could find a nurse and ask her to hold him while I use the bathroom, looked around and saw no bathroom or nurses

Pee a little in my pants just to relieve the pain so I could get home, (just kidding, this was never an option although it did cross my mind when it hurt)

Bring him into the bathroom and put him on the floor while I go, (this was never an option either, never would I put my kid by the toilet in a public restroom)

So what do other mothers do when they have to use the bathroom and they have a small child who doesn't yet walk or stand very well??

Eventually I held it and the pain subsided, I was able to make it home. Some people must of thought I was crazy with the look on my face and pain in my bladder, wiggling in my seat, but it was bad for awhile, and when the pain does eventually go away, I wonder why?? Its not like the pee has left that area but it does eventually go away.

This situation reminded me of the time I was at the library with 5 kids and I got diarrhea, not fun!! Another story I will eventually tell.

Oh and if you were wondering how his apt went, he is scheduled to see an ENT surgeon in 30 days for possible tubes in his ears if the fluid isn't gone by then. He has slight hearing loss at this point but should get better when the fluid is gone.