Thursday, March 31, 2011

We love to paint

So today I introduced some of the kids to finger painting. They loved it.

Here is Jaxson

And Mr Hudson decided to get into the markers in the easel when I was busy with the kids, and yes of course he ate the markers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hit and Run X 2

So here is a continuation of the mom van,  I don't even like using the word "mini" van so its a mom van. So anyways, like I said before I really like driving it, there is just one problem, I CANT BACK UP!! Like out of parking spots, or drive ways or any reverse for that matter. I actually have hit people, not vehicles but actual people, not just once but twice, here's the stories.

The first incident I was driving and Isreal was in the passenger seat, which is rare because he always drives. We pulled into the gas station and he gets out to pump gas. Well a minute later he gets back in and says the pump wasn't working so he wanted me to move up to the next pump so I slowly started forward and he yelled, "wait, your card went through go back", I put it in reverse and started to back up. Well I didn't see the two men making their way through the pumps and I hit one. Not hard but he hit the back of my van with his fist to let me know he was there. By that time, I already saw him and stopped. I mean really, I was going like 3 miles an hour but it was enough to knock him off balance. He didn't stop or wait for me to apologize and continued into the store. I thought do I wait for him to come out or hes obviously fine since he didn't stop or say anyting to me. Now if I got hit I would sooo be yelling at the dumb bitch in the car, so I left.

Isreal kept scaring me saying that they had the hit and run on video and he was going to come back and take everything we owned, but guess not were still here.

The second incident we were at Walmart and just finished shopping, it was me and the 3 kids. I started backing out of my parking spot and in one second saw this elderly man right behind my van. He tried to put out his arm like he was going to pull some super strength out of some where and stop the van, but I saw him and braked it. He also continued on his way, I think he did swear at me a little, I just waved.
But seriously when you are walking through a parking lot and a vehicle has on his reverse lights why would you walk directly behind them? Usually you make eye contact and see if they are going to let you go first and then you do a mini circle around the vehicle. Not my fault he moves slowly but he should have noticed me getting ready to leave.

Well all in all, its wise if you see me driving and getting ready to back up don't go behind my vehicle, it doesn't matter how far back you are its not safe, I cant back the thing up, I'm not sure if its because its long like driving a bus or what, its hard and dangerous, I could hit you. But this has only been a problem since the purchase of the van, they say its the safest vehicle for your family, and it just might be for us, but if you are not in my vehicle it could be a death trap for you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

misspelled words

So when Kailey was learning to write she used to write stories about her horse named Apple. It was cute the only problem was when she spelled horse she spelt it hores, now I don't know about you but when I see the word hores its reads "whores", She used to plaster paper all over the house writing, "I LOVE MY HORES". Also, "JUST ME AND MY HORES". People used to come into the house and be like, "ummmm do you know what that says", "yes, yes I do I am perfectly aware", but every time we told Kailey how to correctly spell horse, it always came out hores. So apparently we were the hores house. I would laugh every time I saw it hanging somewhere. Its something I will always remember, I did keep some of the drawings of her and her hores so I can show her when she is older.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The mom van

So when we were pregnant for Hudson we drove a Honda Pilot, I absolutely loved it, it was everything I wanted in a vehicle, but I got thinking with 2 car seats how would we have room for 3+ kids. I know there was third row seating but we would have to take a car seat out and back in to get kailey to the third row. If you are a parent you know what its like to get a car seat strapped in, a pain in the ass and literally could take up to 20 mins to get it secure and safe. So the Pilot was not going to work for us. We searched and searched for an SUV that would suit a family of 5 with 2 car seats. We came up with nothing. I refused to buy a minivan and had numerous talks about NEVER owning a mini van, my husband said absolutely not.

Well here we are a year later and LOVING the mom van. It has seriously has all the cool features, I can press a button and the doors slide open, Kailey can get in and to the back seat without moving anyone or anything. We went with a Honda Odyssey, I never thought I would ever say I love driving a mini van but I do. Besides a bus what other vehicle is going to transport 5 kids to the library, all in car seats?

It was definitely a good choice for us, although pulling up to a bar on date night with my husband in the van is something I am still getting used to but hey ,maybe they won't pull over the grocery getter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let me introduce to you, Hudson Kid

So I have talked a lot about Jaxson and a little about Kailey but I have not mentioned my third child, Hudson Kid. Yes, that is actually his middle name, people comment on it all the time. It is Isreal's middle name and I wanted to pass it down and it fits nicely, yadda, yadda, yadda.....

So anyways, Hudson is 10 months old right now, I know, I know, he looks like he is 2 but he is just a really BIG boy, he was born big and hasn't stopped growing since. Hudson is also our little vacuum cleaner. He started crawling about a month ago and he eats EVERYTHING off the floor. I vacuum several times throughout the day but he still manages to find something to eat.

The funny thing is we have found many things in his poop when changing his diaper. We have found, wood pellets, we have a pellet stove and he always finds the one pellet that falls on the floor. Apparently they don't digest well because it comes out looking like it went in. I have also pulled a string out of his bum, yes, half in and half out, it wasn't like a sewing thread it was thicker and a couple inches long. How he choked that down is beyond me. Oh and the other day Isreal found a sticker, a whole sticker, it was perfect, apparently stickers don't digest either, we could have taken it out of his diaper and stuck it to something, it looked brand new(well with some poop on it). So yeah, hes my little vacuum cleaner, he also chews on everything.
The morning he learned to crawl,  the first thing he did was crawl over to the rocking chair and chewed on it, like a wild animal. I knew right then that we were in BIG trouble.
Here is what Hudson got caught doing today, ripping the pages out of the books and eating them. I can't tell you how many pieces of paper I have taken out of this kids mouth in the last month.

Monday, March 21, 2011

blogging world

So I am new to this blogging world and have been stumbling upon some awesome blogs and bloggers. I even learned that you can win things on others blogs by following some simple steps, its pretty cool. The most recent blog I am following is She is currently giving away 3 The Little Engine That Could dvd that releases tomorrow. Jaxson and Hudson would love it!! Check out her site on how to win!!

When your toddler swears...

So last night we were settling in for bed, Kailey was reading to Jax in our bed and I was watching tv. All of a sudden Jax says "mommy watch", I looked over and he hits his fists on the bed and says, "God Damn it"!!. Me and Kailey looked at each other in shock. He did it again, and again, and laughed at himself.

 So I am thinking to myself, do I burst out laughing because it really was hysterical, I mean the expression on his face was like he knew what he was saying. But I didn't want him to think it was funny because he would do it again and again. But I also didn't want to scold him because with a kid like Jax, if I said "don't say that word", you better believe he is going to say it. So I just ignored him. The last time he did it he asked "is that funny mommy"??  I wanted to say "yes" so bad but I simply just said, "no buddy, that's not funny, its not a nice word to say" and left it like that.

So apparently now my precious innocent little boy swears, he says "God Damn it". I asked Isreal where he heard that word and he said from me and that I say it all the time when I'm frustrated. I'm like please, "I don't ever swear and if I do its going to be a good one, not God Damn it".

So what are you supposed to do when your toddler swears?? Ignore? Punish? Scold? Laugh?? or all of the above?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's day!!

Today to celebrate St Patty's day I had the kids sponge paint shamrocks!!

Check out the craft tab to learn how.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh Barbie, why does he treat you so??

So a few months back I came into the living room to find that Jax was playing with Barbie, this is what he was doing.

Today Barbie was riding a digger.

I swear I dress Barbie everyday!!!

A good nights sleep

So last night Isreal didn't get home until 8:30. I have been wishing for a good nights sleep for a long time, but with a teething baby and a toddler, a good nights sleep are hard to come by. So I decided tonight is the night, everyone in their own beds so I can sleep. I already had the kids bathed and in bed. The baby was in his crib and Jax and I were cuddling in my bed watching Funniest Home Videos.

We were just sitting there and I get a text message on my phone and started messing around with the new iphone I just received, all of a sudden I get a burst of cherry flavor smell in the air. I look over and Jax had taken the whole tube(I say whole tube like its a lot but its tiny) off the night stand and squeezes it all over the pillow. Good God child!!!!, it was everywhere, all over him and the pillow. I scolded  him and changed the pillow case, cleaned him up and put him to bed.  I went to bed with all the children in their own beds, this rarely happens and for once I had the bed to myself and fallen asleep.

All of a sudden I wake up about an hour later thinking I heard the baby cry and I can't feel my freakin lip. It was numb. I quietly freaked out thinking something was terribly wrong. OH MY GOD WAS I HAVING A STROKE?? I thought to myself. Then I remember Jaxsons orajel epidemic on my pillow. Well it must have gotten on my blanket or my hand and it touched my lip because it was numb. Oddly enough i couldn't fall back asleep, its a weird tingly feeling and its all I felt for awhile. Annoyed and tired, I finally fell back to sleep.

 It was probably about 2am, I stirred and felt something strange under me,  I think to myself "what the hell is that" I felt under my butt and pulled out a thomas the train toy, nothing like a toy train under my butt in the middle of the night. Jax seems to think he needs to take toys with him to bed to play with before he falls asleep. Well one managed to make its way under me.

Seriously, even though I don't have any children in bed with me for the first time in years, they are still keeping me up at night, go figure.

This isn't the first toy I have slept with throughout the years, if its not a train in my butt, its a car, army man, book or any other object he took to bed that night. One night I randomly woke up with a sticker stuck to my cheek, not sure how it got there, I have also woke up to pacifiers in odd places. I guess it comes with the territory of having children.

Although I am happy to report that baby Orajel really works well, even for adults. I am also happy to report that toy trains do not belong in your butt during the night, its uncomfortable and it leaves bruises. Also if you plan to get a good nights sleep with small children, just forget about it, its probably not going to happen and you just have to live with it. Maybe I will try again in 5 years.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birds and the bees cont.

I was ready for what ever was to come, when the words sex and intercourse stumbled out of my mouth I was prepared for what was about to happen. She calmly just said, "I already know".

Of course she did, most 11 year olds do. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy because there was less explaining I had to do. Disappointed that I was 1 year too late. I just can't believe we have to talk to our daughters about sex at such a young age, 10 or sooner. What happened to being just kids?

I asked her how she knew and she said she just figured it out. I'm sure the television and her friends helped out too. Not that I watch people having sex all the time on tv but it seems like any channel you turn on either a commercial  or show mentions a word that refers to sex or shows something.

Now we have commercials for sexually transmitted disease' which by the way Jax says he wanted that Valtrex the other day. It was for a herpes commercial he obviously thought it was sometihng else and asked me to buy some. "Really Jax, I don't think you want some of that" but wow the media plays a huge role in our children growing up WAY to fast. Kailey asked what it was for and I mentioned for a disease. Should have gone into the whole STD talk but Isreal was sitting right there and he would have died and curled up under the couch to be apart of that.

Even though she already knew what intercourse was she didn't know everything, I'm glad to report that I got to teach her about sperm in the testicles and how they swim to the egg to create a baby.

I am also happy to report when I confirmed that she knew about the penis going into the vagina, she only said one word, "Creepy", then I went into, "yes, yes it is and don't forget that".

So glad this talk is over, I get to cross it off the list of  the many things I need to talk to her in her life. I'm sure the next will be about STD's and protection, I hope not too soon though.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You know your a mother when........

So I was sitting at my mothers chatting our normal chat when I felt something near my boob, in my bra, I reached in and pulled out a Cheerio. WOW, totally wasn't expecting that one, a Cheerio in my bra, Hudson must have been stashing that one. So I said "you know your a mother when you find a cheerio in your bra".

Then I decided to write down all the "you know your a mother when".......
Here we go..

You know your a mother when.....

---you pick buggers out of your kids nose with your fingers
---your counting the sprinkles on the cupcakes to make sure they are equal
---your legs are hairier than your husbands
---you can change a diaper in the dark
---bodily fluids don't gross you out anymore
---another child pukes at a party and you continue to eat your cake
---you talk to yourself just for the conversation
---you take the long way home from the store just for the extra alone time
---you hide in the bathroom to get alone time
---you hide in the closet with your treats because you don't want your children to have any
---you silently curse people when they call during nap time
---you know the entire line up of cartoons during the day
---you blame every crying spell on teething
---your house is taken over by toys
---you answer the questions on Dora the Explorer and learn Spanish from her
---you can take a shower in less than 2 minutes
---when you are asked what your favorite songs are, all that comes to mind are children's songs
---your lipstick and perfume in your purse is replaced with toys and pacifiers

---you know your a SAHM when you don't know what the date is or maybe what day of the week it is.
I would love to hear your examples of you know your a mother if.......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

There comes a time in every ones life when you must learn about the birds and the bees. And in that moment there is a mother wanting to crawl under that rug she sitting near or a mother wanting to die of embarrassment.

Kailey will be 12 this year and she is already in the 6th grade. As of right now we have a pretty close relationship, we talk about everything together. There is just one thing I have been wanting to talk to her about and that is the birds and the bees. Call it what you want but its something that needs to be done.

When I was pregnant for Jaxson she was 8 and she asked me "where do babies come from", I froze and that instant had no clue at her age what to say. I wasn't prepared. Do I tell her the truth? Do I tell her about sex? What terms do I use? Penis? Vagina? We have been calling it her "private area" since before I can remember.  Everything just flashed before my eyes and my head went blank.

 I stumbled, almost crashed the car and calmly told her about puberty, love, and the tiny little egg inside a woman's body. A tiny egg???? Great I thought, now she is probably thinking of this chicken egg inside us. I think she even asked "like a chicken egg?" Then I said "well the baby grows in mommy's belly and then when its time we push really hard for him to come out". The confusion came across her face.

Then I said "something special from a man, and something special from a female, together create a baby".
"oh god, what was she picturing", I thought. Did I say too much? Not enough? what kind of  damage did I do?? Did I just totally blow this one??

I ended it and said "maybe you should ask grandma". HAHA, grandma was always my escape goat. but then thought, "oh no, I don't think grandma had the talk with me about sex", I think by the time the third daughter came along she thought that I already knew, either that or growing up on the farm, I watched the cows and animals mating all the time and watched baby kittens being born, so I knew at a young age how it happens.

THAT"S IT!!!  We need to visit a farm!!! Or, maybe when we pass by cows in a field mounting up I can say, "oh look they are having sex, and that is how babies are created" OR I need to move out to the country and have a farm, where my kids can watch intercourse at first hand like I did, it would be so much easier than raising a towny.

So the summer I had Hudson we had the "puberty talk", she was going into middle school, some of her friends were developing and I knew I could handle the "period talk".

We talked about the changes she would eventually go through, getting hair, periods and boobs. It went very well and she learned a lot. She asked a lot of questions and I left it open and said, "if you have any questions about anything, please ask me, I will tell you", secretly hoping she would ask about sex, but she didn't.

I tried to bring it up another time when they said something on a show we were watching, the word "intercourse" came up, I said "do you know what intercourse is", she covered her ears and said "don't want to know" and left the room. Damn, my chance went out the window, I said "when you want to know, just ask" and secretly hoping she would ask but didn't. I kept thinking, maybe she already knows.

So here I am, I know it has to be done and I know its going to be awkward for the both of us. But why?? Why does it have to be awkward?? Its life and shouldn't be embarrassing to talk about, but it is, especially because its with my baby girl, I can't believe she is going to know about sex and penis' and the penis going  into the vagina. OH MY GOD, I'M FREAKING!!! Do I mention the penis going into the vagina?? Do we talk about sperm?? I guess so because that's what sex is. What is too much information at 11? Do we talk STD's??? Condoms??  I will FREAK if she tells me what exactly sex is. Do I use the word sex, intercourse, doing it, humping, mating, love........???? So many things to think about and mentally prepare for, maybe I should use note cards. What about diagrams?? Pictures???, noooo no pictures. Keep it simple.

I don't know but this weekend we are painting her bedroom together and we will be talking about sex, together, for the first time.......*sigh*...........

Read next week and I will update you and let everyone know how it went. Any good advice on what to say or how to bring it up please let me know.

I hope I don't damage her!!

A life of a SAHM

For those of you who don't know the lingo, SAHM stands for stay at home mom. My day is full of ups and downs and there are several things I always look forward to. Here is a list:

Coffee in the am, I just don't feel right without it, it kick starts my day, it took me 28 years to like it and now I cant live without it.

Checking my email. Its like a surprise every morning and even better when its from a person I know.

Shower without an audience. I try to shower before the boys get up in the morning. But if Hudson wakes before my alarm, I'm screwed. Not only do I have a audience, but I get to bark orders while I'm in there, "Jax get out of the water", "Hudson don't touch the toilet" , "Jax, stop playing with the tampons," Half the time I can't tell you if I shampooed my hair or skipped it and went right to the conditioner part. And forget about shaving, you don't want to go there. At least I will be warmer this winter! Although if Isreal rubs my leg he may think hes in bed with another man.
Not only a shower without an audience but just to be able sit on the toilet without an audience or most of the time I have to go so fast because I have no idea what the children are doing in the other room while I'm  in there.

The mailman, I tell you what, conversation is rare around here, well at least more than 3 word conversations. I know the mail man knows I am waiting for him, hes in and out and looking back as he runs back to his carrier truck, and I'm yelling "SAY A BIG WORD, PLEASE, ANYTHING, JUST SAY A BIG WORD!!!"
Oh and since I am home I also look forward to packages arriving at my door, I may be able to sneak a conversation with the UPS or Fed Ex guy but they are also in and out. I pretend I don't know whats in the package like its a surprise, I have an obsession with shopping online, its too easy.

I guess I should have written, anyone who knocks on my door. Even if its my neighbor telling me that my dogs shit on his yard again. Here we have a classic example of a conversation, I get excited and try to continue it, maybe say something like " oh really, where", "how big was it" maybe next time I will say "what comes around goes around, jerk, keep your dogs off my yard".

Nap time, what childcare provider doesn't look forward to this time of day.

Bad Weather-- Everyone gets hyped up about weather, which is weird since I live in NY and bad weather is the norm but I look forward to bad weather for the excitement. "What?????? theres a flood watch, Holy Shit watch out" , better warn everyone I know. Snow storms are my favorite, maybe because I don't have to go anywhere or be on the roads, I like to watch it out the window and get updates on the news. But what SAHM doesn't, I see all the posts on Facebook, how many inches of snow everyone receives. Even better when the school closes early, soo exciting!! And then I ask everyone that comes to my house that day,  "how are the roads", umm hello, I already know, probably bad since its a snow storm, but still have to ask.

childcare kids getting picked up. Again not because they are leaving but because I can squeeze a whole days worth of conversation in the 10 mins the parent is here. I may ramble about non sense but they don't care.

a moment of pure quietness, its hard to come by in this house and not always a good thing, if the kids are awake it usually means they are up to no good. But sometimes its nice to not hear anything.

Kailey's sporting events,  this may be the only socialization I get, or maybe get that whole week. You can always tell the SAHM at the event, they are usually the ones talking the ears off of the other moms as they watch the game. The other moms are just nodding their heads half listening and half thinking about work or all the chores they have to do at home.
Kailey told me she doesnt want to play softball this year and I started feeling a little depressed, I said to her  "you have to, I need that outing 2 times a week"

When the hubby gets home, not only do I gab his ear off about the poopy diapers and baby fights all day but I get to go to the grocery store without children. WATCH OUT!! , I take my time and pretend its a mini vacation. I may even take the long way home, around the whole town.

And lastly bedtime, the time the kids are sleeping and I can lay in bed and not hold a child, change a diaper, wipe a snotty nose, console a crying child, play with play dough, paint, do homework, yell, cook dinner, clean and do laundry, pick up toys for the 100th time that day, make apts, pay bills..........and I can just lay in silence or listen to my husband snore or hear  "if your happy and you know it clap your hands" song that is stuck in my head for about 4 hours until the baby wakes me up, just to do it all over again the next day!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pic of the day

Just wanted everyone to smile! : ) Jax came out of my bedroom this morning with my glasses on. I quickly took the pics and then quickly grabbed my expensive glasses off his face!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My fourth child

I often refer to my husband as my fourth child. Not only is it funny but he seriously acts like a child sometimes. I know there is a child in all of us adults but this story really takes the cake.

The other day I was getting ready to go to the store to pick up a few things. He said "ohhh there is this toy I want to buy for the boys". I don't know what his obsession with toys is but lately all he has wanted to do is buy toys that he had as a child or he wanted as a child and get them for the boys. I swear that's all he does online is look up toys he had.
I kept telling him" I don't know its kinda expensive". It was some Star Wars toy. I had to look to see what the name was, its a Star Wars AT-AT  Walker. Its basically a big dog looking thing, its huge. So all morning long he was asking me if I was going to get it, to the point it was irritating me.

So I did what any good wife would do and bought this toy for the boys from him. As soon as I pulled into the driveway he ran out to the garage to see if I got it, don't mind all the groceries to carry in, he grabbed the toy and immediately started opening it. I swear when he was putting it together the look on his face was like the look of a 5 year old boy on Christmas morning. When he got it together he wanted to put it up so the boys wouldn't play with it.
"Hold it right there!! You can't buy the boys a toy put it together and then tell them they can't play with it" Its like making a cake and telling someone they can't have any and let it sit there.
So in the end, its been in the living room and he "shows" Jax how to play with it. He also puts it in our bedroom at night so the kids can't play with it during the day. Its sooo hilarious, my husband will walk by this toy and just touch it and when Jaxson plays with it he "eyes" him to make sure nothing happens to it.

I definitely bought this for him not the boys! I guess I know what kind of presents to get him from now on, Star Wars toys.

ohhhhh and I definitely know what to hold hostage the next time he pisses me off, I will hide this toy and he won't be able to get it back in his life until its better. hahahahahaa : ) This can benefit the both of us!

Here is a pic of my "boys" opening their new toy. Look at the grin on that mans face. Priceless.

mouse hunt

Well I have to tell this story, it happened a few months back. I am not very proud of the fact that this happened but it truly is a funny story and should be shared.

One morning my husband swore he saw a mouse scurry across our dining room floor and went into the laundry area. I'm like no way, not in this house. If you know me you know that I kinda have an obsession with cleaning all the time.So I thought there would never be a mouse here. But I know it really does happen quite often, messy house or not.

Anyways, I kept an eye out for this mouse for a few days and finally, I saw it, it was a cute little thing and it was tiny, well I was kinda pissed about the fact that had a mouse in the house, but I don't really like the idea of killing an animal not even a mouse, so, the humane thing to do is  trap it with the broom and put it in a box and put it outside. Yeah well,  have you ever tried catching a mouse? They are fast, every time it came in the kitchen I would sneak up on it, I would get 10 feet from the thing and it was gone. After several attempts of swatting it with the broom and the kids thinking I was crazy, I decided it was time for a trap. That night I bought a trap and set it up and waited......

The next day nothing in the trap, I thought for sure the peanut butter would do the trick, but nothing.

The kids arrived in the timely manner they do every morning and my part time child who hadn't been over in some time was here that day. H is 4 years old. After lunch we cleaned up and it was time for naps. Well H has outgrown his naps so he does a quiet activity or movie while the little ones sleep. As soon as I layed the last child down H came running into the bedroom, I said go into the living room I will be right out. A few seconds behind him I walk out through the dining room where I see H standing white as a ghost and not moving. I said what are you doing H? He didn't say anything, I said "go into the living room I'm starting the movie" and the look on his face was just FEAR. At this point he started shaking, I said "what is wrong?" he just looked down at the floor and pointed, I had no clue. I picked him up and he just started to cry,  Then it clicked, H saw the mouse. I said "ahhh you must have seen my little friend. Did you see the mouse?" He shook his head up and down . "I have been trying to find that mouse all day long, which way did he go?" He slowly stopped crying and the color returned in his face, he said though the kitchen. Then he said "it bite me" I said "what?" He said it again "It bite me". Now if you know H, sometimes he tells some good stories, so I said "where" he took off his sock and said "on my toe", Well, thinking, ok, that would be where it would have bitten him, I said "point to where it bite you", he then pointed to the bottom of his foot. I thought at that moment "phew, he didn't get bitten" there is no way for the mouse to bite him on the bottom of his foot. But he insisted, I inspected his whole foot and saw no marks, there is no way it happened.

So I had to do what any good provider would do and call his mother. How was I going to explain to his mother that her son been bitten my a mouse in my house, would she even believe me?

I explained what happened and she laughed, she laughed so hard that there as a moment of silence on the phone and was pretty sure it didn't happen. I said I didn't think so either because I couldn't even come 5 feet of the mouse and oddly he walked up to H and bite him. But something had happened, either he came pretty close to the mouse and it scared him or he ran and it maybe ran across his foot, I have no idea but he was upset.

H was sooo scared he didn't even want to go into the dining room for a snack and when he did, he wouldn't let his feet touch the floor, he also warned all the other children about the ferocious mouse that would bite them if they were on the floor, so I had all 4 kids running and hiding from  this mouse. Just picture 4 children running and jumping on the furniture so this mouse wouldn't get them.

So there I was with this mouse in my house torturing all the children. It was a long day and well that night I finally heard the snap, and sure enough the mouse was dead. It took me a week of convincing H that it was gone, he even looked for it every time he ran through the dining room for weeks.

The following week my cat was napping by the washer, he stood up reached his paw under the washer and grabbed another mouse with his paw, and with one bite and a few crunches it was gone. Blood squirted on my floor and my stomach turned, could you imagine if H or one of the other children witness this one????

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jaxson's library report

I would just would like to report that Jaxson was very good at the library today. Besides taking the shark puppet and chasing the other kids around pretending to eat them, and taking too many hand puppets (they are only allowed one) and hiding one thinking he would get to bring it home, pushing the elevator buttons, climbing in a bookshelf  AND running to the handicap buttons to automatically open the doors, well, besides all that he was very good. : )

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

So this afternoon I asked the kids some questions, Here are their answers:
Keep in mind that Kailey is 11, C is 6, N is 5 and H is 4.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
K-artist or teacher
N-race car driver
C-race car driver
H-work on dirt bikes and cars like a mechanic, a doctor, race car driver and a bull rider
(yes they were playing cars wii game during the interrogation)

When will you get married?
N-no way

When will you move out of your moms house?
K-18 1/2
N-18 and he will go to another house

Now I asked them questions about their moms

What is something your mom always says to you?
K-brush your teeth or you will get cavities
C-play upstairs
N-stop doing bad things
H-play upstairs and wrestle with a fake guy

What makes your mom happy?
H-tea drinks
C-putting twilight on

How old is your mom?
N-cant remember, a little old

What does your mom do when your not around?
C-don't know, I'm not there
K-sleep, take care of kids
H-throws a fit
N-goes looking for me and yells

If your mom was famous what would it be for?
K-writing books
C-pop star

What is one thing your mom is not very good at?
H-killing sharks

What is your mothers job?
H-teaches handy helpers work on cars (she is a teacher but not with cars)
C-at the bank on computers
K-SAHM and babysits
N-I don't know, teaches I guess

Where is your moms favorite place to go?
K-Jericho or grandmas house
C-McDonald's so she doesn't have to cook dinner
N-Chuck e Cheeses
H-College and stuff

more to come!!

Misreal Isreal

So my husband is not a huge fan of me having a blog, actually last night as I as complaining about not having enough Internet time he said  that I was going to be "one of those people". WHAT?? what people? He said the blogging people who write down everything about their lives for the world to know. I said no if you would actually get on the Internet and navigate away from craigslist and ebay, stop searching for a truck or toys you wish you still had as a child you would see its about the children and the crazy things they put me through. He started mumbling something, which if you knew Isreal he is a good mumbler.

So my response to him was "I'm sooo putting that in my blog", from here on out whenever he irritates me I will say "yep, going in the blog" or "ohhhh good blog material" or something smart like that. Maybe even, "can you slow down I need to write this down", hahahaa

But really this blog is not about criticizing my husband or expressing my thoughts and emotions for the world to read. Its really about my kids and the things they do. But in reality, I sometimes feel like he is my fourth child so its ok to include him once in awhile, right?  hehe

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Secret Spank

Many people think I am crazy for bringing 5 kids to the library 2 days a week. However, its nice to get out and actually have an adult conversation even if it is talking to other moms about kids. Also it takes up the bulk of my morning with them, and gets us out of our normal everyday routine.

But seriously, I won't lie, its a lot of work itself, just getting the kids into the van, each one with a  car seat, but that's another story itself.  The kids I watch are very good for me, the only one I seem to have a problem with is my own child, Jax.

I can get all the kids into the van(eeeek, I hate using that word, van) and into the library and the only one that isn't going to listen to me is Jax. Jaxson is going to do the total opposite of what I say. "Stand here kids while I get the baby", all the kids stay put except Jax, nope, hes going to go run off though the parking lot. So with one hand on Jax, my eyes on the other kids I one handedly unbuckle Hudson and remove him from the seat with one arm. On our way I always go over the rules, "walking feet", and "inside voices", I drill it in their heads but the one that is going to run through the library is my dear Jax., oh yes, looking back at me and laughing the entire time.

Upon arrival we play with the puzzles and puppets, but does he play with them, nope Jax decides to dump them all on the floor and walk away. Like the good parent I am I quietly explain to Jax that we will be picking this mess up as I squeeze his arm to get his attention, sit him down and pick up piece by piece. And why is it if a child doesn't want to do something they go limp, they fall on the ground like their whole body just doesn't work anymore, as you drag the child to the destination, oddly enough their arms and hands don't work either. I feel like the next time he yells my name or crying for me I am just going to fall on the floor and go limp like he does to me and see how he likes it, although with Jax, he would like it, he would probably just laugh at me.

Now that its story time the kids nicely sit down and listen to the librarian read a story, except Jax, he decides to run and weave his way in and out of each child on the carpet and distract the other children, the librarian just looks at me like, are you going to control your child? I just feel that if the librarian would just tell Jax to have a seat, he would probably listen to her. But no such luck.

At this point, I wanted to leave or curl up in a ball and hide, my child was out of control, the only one not sitting and listening, even Hudson was being good.
About the third time of bringing him back to the story rug and him running around taking books off shelves I was sweating. I wasn't sure if the sweat was from carrying a 22 pound baby and chasing Jax or how beat red my face was from embarrassment. I thought to myself, he needs a good spanking so he knows I mean business.

Now generally I'm not a spanker unless he has pushed my buttons for too long and really needs one, but how was I going to do this in front of other parents. I couldn't be the mother who spanks, I also am the childcare provider, I didn't want them to think I spank other peoples kids or think Jax wasn't my child and I spanked him. Hell I could get turned in for that, so I thought about my tactic and the "secret spank".

So as soon as Jax was up on the rampage again, I went after him like an angry vulture going in for its kill, swooped him up with one arm and darted behind a big bookself. At last all alone with the devil, just me and him and the limp body he took on. I looked in his eyes and he knew he was in trouble and with one good pop on the butt, he looked at me with fear. Jax new I meant business, I quietly yelled at him for not listening, threatened him and kissed him on the cheek. He quietly walked and sat down with the other children and listened to the rest of the story.
THANK GOD, he got it, usually if I spank him, he laughs at me, I was so afraid of that but I think another force or being took over my body at that moment, maybe I didn't look like mommy, sweaty, red faced and angry, but whatever it was  it worked. Thats it, thats all it took and I knew it needed to be done, it just had to be done when no one could see me.
I think a secret spank is ok once in awhile, like I said, I dont like to spank and especially not in front of a crowd but sometimes it has to be done, even if its behind some bookshelves.

Are we even supposed to spank in public? Is spanking even allowed anymore? I don't know but as my mother always told me " God gave you the hand and butt, don't be afraid to use it but don't abuse it"!