kids crafts

We do crafts everyday, just want to share some of our favorites.

Sponge Painting

You can sponge paint with any shape, its fun and easy to do.

What you need.

1-3 large sponges
paint tray

Step one.
Print out your shape, we did Shamrocks for St Patty's day. Cut out shape

Step two.
Trace your pattern on the sponge and cut out

Step Three
Put paint in tray and cover one side of patterned sponge in paint, press to paper to make print.

Finished Product:

Spring Chicks
yellow, orange construction paper
googly eyes

cut out child hands in yellow construction paper, cut out chicks body and legs
glue hands as chicks wings, glue legs
cut out orange triangle for nose and glue on googly eyes

Mothers Day Flower Pots

Any flower pots
any flowers
potting soil

Have child paint flower pot

When Dry plant flowers

The kids made their own Mothers Day cards out of construction paper to go with the flowers.