Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bad Influences

Well Jax is at that age, 4, copies everything the older kids do. Here is a recent Jax story.

We had company over one day, they have older children, and I decided to take them to get ice cream. On the way the older boy says, "hey Kailey, do you know what I saw on utube?", Kailey says, "what", he then says, "Jax say Bucket". So of course Jax says "bucket?" "awww man", the boy responds, "it didn't work" so he then turns to Hudson and says, "Hudson say Bucket". Hudson of course says Bucket but comes out, "Fuck it". I immediately said, "umm not a good idea, please do not do that again". So Jax continues to laugh and say, "Hudson say Bucket" over and over, Hudson laughing not knowing why its funny and says "fuck it", the kids laughing. Thank goodness we got to the ice cream store.

Fast forward to 2 weeks and we are at my store, A nice little Amish family is shopping for clothing and the mother was talking to me about the kids. "Yes this is Hudson, he is 2......." Jax interrupts and says, "Hudson can say Bucket", turns to Hudson, and before I can stop him of course he says, "Hudson saaaay bucket", trying to interrupt him before the words come out but it doesn't happen, Hudson says"fuck it" and her mouth dropped, and my face immediately is flaming red and I just shake my head no, and say, "I have no idea where that comes from". She didn't know what to say or do, she was speechless and so was I, her mouth dropped open and she finally says, "oh my".

How in the Hell after 2 weeks and of all the time for Jax to do this, it has to be in front of the nice Amish family? And how does he remember this from 2 weeks ago and why on earth does he think its soo funny when he has no idea what it even means?