Thursday, March 24, 2011

The mom van

So when we were pregnant for Hudson we drove a Honda Pilot, I absolutely loved it, it was everything I wanted in a vehicle, but I got thinking with 2 car seats how would we have room for 3+ kids. I know there was third row seating but we would have to take a car seat out and back in to get kailey to the third row. If you are a parent you know what its like to get a car seat strapped in, a pain in the ass and literally could take up to 20 mins to get it secure and safe. So the Pilot was not going to work for us. We searched and searched for an SUV that would suit a family of 5 with 2 car seats. We came up with nothing. I refused to buy a minivan and had numerous talks about NEVER owning a mini van, my husband said absolutely not.

Well here we are a year later and LOVING the mom van. It has seriously has all the cool features, I can press a button and the doors slide open, Kailey can get in and to the back seat without moving anyone or anything. We went with a Honda Odyssey, I never thought I would ever say I love driving a mini van but I do. Besides a bus what other vehicle is going to transport 5 kids to the library, all in car seats?

It was definitely a good choice for us, although pulling up to a bar on date night with my husband in the van is something I am still getting used to but hey ,maybe they won't pull over the grocery getter.


  1. Ha ha, I was always the one that said "I'll never own a mini van!". And, now what do I want to drive? A mini van! Would just be so much easier to haul all the assorted kid stuff and still have room for other people.

    Found you on Bloggy Moms. Stop by and say hi sometime!

  2. It seriously makes life with kids a whole lot easier, can't wait for our camping trips this summer. There is soo much storage room!!

    thanks for following! : )

  3. My dad would still be driving one if he had his way!

  4. You know now that you mention it when I drive around the people I see driving a mini van is obviously moms and then there are a lot of elderly people. Must be the comfort thing, because they are comfortable to drive. I always wondered though!