Saturday, March 12, 2011

You know your a mother when........

So I was sitting at my mothers chatting our normal chat when I felt something near my boob, in my bra, I reached in and pulled out a Cheerio. WOW, totally wasn't expecting that one, a Cheerio in my bra, Hudson must have been stashing that one. So I said "you know your a mother when you find a cheerio in your bra".

Then I decided to write down all the "you know your a mother when".......
Here we go..

You know your a mother when.....

---you pick buggers out of your kids nose with your fingers
---your counting the sprinkles on the cupcakes to make sure they are equal
---your legs are hairier than your husbands
---you can change a diaper in the dark
---bodily fluids don't gross you out anymore
---another child pukes at a party and you continue to eat your cake
---you talk to yourself just for the conversation
---you take the long way home from the store just for the extra alone time
---you hide in the bathroom to get alone time
---you hide in the closet with your treats because you don't want your children to have any
---you silently curse people when they call during nap time
---you know the entire line up of cartoons during the day
---you blame every crying spell on teething
---your house is taken over by toys
---you answer the questions on Dora the Explorer and learn Spanish from her
---you can take a shower in less than 2 minutes
---when you are asked what your favorite songs are, all that comes to mind are children's songs
---your lipstick and perfume in your purse is replaced with toys and pacifiers

---you know your a SAHM when you don't know what the date is or maybe what day of the week it is.
I would love to hear your examples of you know your a mother if.......


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  2. Cracks me up. My DH came home a few weeks ago laughing because he had keys in one pocket and a paci in the other

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