Thursday, July 9, 2015

mom van etiquette

So I think there is a certain etiquette to follow when driving a mini van. I feel like the most responsible "soccer mom" who is cheerful and positive.  There are so many things I'm just not sure of when i am driving a mini van, maybe some people can help me out.

When I decided to get a mini van I thought, there goes the MILF. I will be a soccer mom now not the MILF I once was, that was ok with me but it was a hard transition.

When driving a mini van I said before that I feel weird leaving a bar in it, should I be driving the van to a bar? Should I be having a beer and driving a mini van?? It just doesn't seem right.

What about road rage and giving the bird? Today this guy driving a car cut me off and honked his horn in anger at me today, I flipped him off then thought. Its not really cool to be in a mom van and flip someone off. It looks way cooler from someone in an SUV but in a mini van? They were probably like "oh really, what's mommy going to do about it?", it just didn't seem right when I did it (not to mention i had all 3 kids with me but 2 were sleeping and one not even paying attention). I wanted to chase him down and yell out the window but then I thought, I'm in a mini van, not cool.

The old road poke, now could be fun and cool, which was how Jaxson John was conceived but in a mini van? It just doesn't seem right. Even though there would be more room , it just doesn't seem right to me.

Speeding,  I do like to drive fast, not only because I am usually running late but I just always feel like I am in a hurry but I hardly ever speed in the van, I don't know why its weird. Mini vans aren't supposed to be fast and crazy I guess, we are hauling precious cargo.

I just feel that their is a certain perception on moms who drive vans, they do say they are one of the most safest vehicles out there to drive, maybe its because of this etiquette moms are following.

Lets just say my mom van didn't last very long, I just couldn't do it, we went back to an SUV, but at times I see a van and those sliding doors that were once so easy with kids and I sometimes feel jealous but then I quickly snap out of it.

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