Monday, August 1, 2011

yard sale do's and dont's

Yard Sale dont's:

don't plan a yard sale the same week you go away, you will never get everything done

don't try to have a yard sale and have your children around, find a sitter!

don't have your husband and children hang the yard sale signs all over town; the arrows will not be pointing towards your house! (good thing I advertised)

If  you are a smaller person and a large person is looking through your clothes and talks about how she can fit into them  and you are thinking "oh honey there is no way your fitting into that", just dont say anything and let them buy it, the point is to get rid of your stuff not to help people fit into clothes.

Yard sale do's
be organized and have things spread out!

always price things a dollar higher than you want because people will be bargaining and asking for a lower price

If you want to get a reasonable amount of money out of an item, don't put it in your yard sale, people are looking for nice things but cheap!

Funny things that happened at my yard sale:

A lady came to me and asked me if I would take a dollar on a 2 dollar item, as I hesitated and said yes she then handed me a twenty dollar bill to pay for it.

a lady loaded her arms full of items and it came to 5 dollars and proceeded to pay with all change and I'm not just talking quarters!

some people will walk in and out quickly not buying a thing and others will stay an hour looking through every single item.

a guy said that he could find this particular item that I had for sale at another yard sale for cheaper, so now people are comparing yard sale prices, I just told him that he should go buy that one then.

There will always be people showing up early to get the "good" stuff, I advertised for 8am and I had people waiting out front at 7:30, I think I even had some drive bys the night before! Be prepared for yard sale stalkers!!

I had a very large woman looking through my size 4 clothing and told me that if she threw some spanks on she would fit into them, I was thinking there was no way in HELL she was fitting into them but let her buy them anyways. Would love to be a fly on the wall to watch her try!
Yard sales are time consuming and exhausting, but its a good way to de clutter your home and earn some extra cash!

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