Monday, July 11, 2011

Got Beer?

So today I gave Jaxson a cup of apple juice and he asked, "is this beer?" I said "no its apple juice" as I chuckled. He then said, "no its beer", I said "no its apple juice, and how do you know what beer is?"

In walks two little girls I was watching and he said, "my mommy gave me beer", I said "no mommy didn't, its juice" the one girl says, "I want beer too", I said "we don't have beer here, hes just pretending", so then they walked off pretending they were drinking beer. I tell you what if one of the girls go home and tells their parents they were drinking beer at my house I have a lot of explaining to do, I can picture it now, "mommy, we drank beer at Lori's house today" or " Lori gave us beer" I don't know but this could be bad!!

I don't even know where he learned what beer was because we don't drink in front of our kids, but he has been pretending to drink beer all day and he says its soooo yummy!!

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