Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well Jax has been potty trained for a month or so now and boy do I feel bad for all my neighbors, he loves to pee outside and he will do it anywhere, I sure hope he doesn't pull his pants down and pee at the school playground.

He is all set to start preschool next week, should be interesting, please, please, please don't pee outside!!!

I also love it when he tells me "good job, mommy!!" for peeing on the toilet. The other day he asked me if I wanted a candy afterwards. I just laugh.

Hudson now runs around with Jaxson, he still eats everything, Pica testing might be in order, he likes to put rocks in his mouth, dirt or just about anything, I swear I feed  him well!!

So I have a I phone, and the kids love playing on the phone, they play games, Jax can navigate the phone better than I can, he watches movies on netflix and does fun things. Well one day I was having lets call it mommy's "tea party" with a girlfriend and I was gong to show her some pics of the kids, well as I started scrolling through, I found out what Jaxson really does with my phone: Here is what I found
He learned how to distort his face with my camera, there must of been 50 pics like these, we never laughed so hard before!!

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