Thursday, July 9, 2015

I want my own bathroom

ohhhh that's right, I do have my own bathroom which is off of MY bedroom. So why do the boys insist on using MY bathroom. Jaxson says "its comfy in there!!" What does that even mean??. Scary things happen in bathrooms with boys. In the last few weeks here is what I had to deal with:

-pee on the floor, and yes of course I stepped in it

-sitting in pee in the middle of the night on the seat. How hard is it for boys to lift up the seat!!???? I'm 9 mos pregnant and up at least 3 times a night to pee, nothing worse than your first nightly pee and sitting in urine, and its not even your urine, not sure if that would even make me feel better.

-toothpaste EVERYWHERE!!!! Can't they keep it in the tube!!?? Last week it ended up on my hair straightener and didn't realize it until I started using it, toothpaste in my hair, you can't get that smell and stickiness out unless you rewash it

-toothpaste on my brush, again, toothpaste in my hair

-with my growing belly I didn't realize the toothpaste on the counter, leaned right into it, I was already for work, so annoying to try to wipe it off my shirt, again you smell it all day long.

-toys! There are toys everywhere, its like they can't use the restroom without bringing toys in, which then I step on in the middle of my nightly pee breaks. And if I find the fake spider on the floor again, I might either have a heart attack or actually go into labor, scares the shit out of me every time!

I have seen some weird things in the bathroom, I'm not even sure if they fully outgrow their messiness. So how many years left do I have to deal with this??

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