Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He calls me.....

LORI, well actually its Wory, but Jaxson for a week and a half now calls me by my first name. At first I tried to ignore it and just went about our business, yes, I would answer him when he said it and soon thought it would just fade away and it was something he was going through. I know its normal for all kids to go through this especially because I have so many other children call me Lori all day long, but we went through this faze a year ago.
But now its really starting to irritate me, especially when I correct him and ask him to call me mommy, he looks right at me and calls me Wori.

Today we were in the kitchen and he comes in, "Wory", I ignored him, I thought if he wants something he has to call me mommy or mom or any sort of name like that, and he kept tugging on my pants, "WORY, Wory, went on and on, now it was a test to see who could out last each other, he was going to call me Wory and I refused to answer him until he called me Mommy. It went on and on and on, at one point I wanted to strangle him or just spank him because he was getting on my last nerve, he knew what I wanted him to do but he refused. I would never hit or hurt my child but I know now why there is child abuse in this country, a person who is not as stable as I am or lack of impatience just looses control and hits a child, because I sooo wanted to be unstable at that moment but kept my cool and kept ignoring him. After 15 minutes, guess who won?

Oh yes, HIM!! Ok I couldn't take it anymore, I bent down and said "WHAT"??? he said he was hungry and I said "I'm not giving you anything until you call me mommy. Who am I" I asked. He says, "WORY", ugghhhh "no its mommy" and he says, "nope its Wory"
I know he is doing this to irritate me and its working. I ask him "what's my name", "Wory".  Technically, yes he is right, my name is Lori but to him its mommy.

Seriously, I tried ignoring him, I tried correcting him, I tried telling him that he wasn't going to get what he asks for until he calls me mommy and he just keeps calling me Wory.
I really didn't care at first but now its really driving me crazy..........and he knows it!

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