Monday, May 2, 2011


So today a little girl asked me if I had a "gina". Yes a gina. And of course I replied, "Well, yes I do have a VA-gina, I'm a girl". She replied, "I have a " FA-gina" too, I'm a girl. Hudson has a wiener, he has a small wiener because he is a baby". "Yep, he sure does", I said. Then she starts saying, "well when I get big like my mommy and daddy, I will have big boobies, just like my mommy. Her boobs are REALLY big, but I have small ones right now, but when I get big they will grow".

At this point I was still trying to absorb the fact that she asked if i had a "gina" that I lost part of the conversation and caught the end of it when she said, "boys can have big boobs too", I just laughed and said, "yep they sure can". She talked about girls boobs are for babies food and boys are not and went on and on and on......

Then the end of the conversation went like this, "do you know boys can pee standing up?? I wish I had a wiener so I can pee outside standing up, like my brother", I said "yes I do know that boys can pee standing up, and yes that is very cool, every girl probably wishes she could do that, but we can't, but we can do lots of things that boys can't do, like have babies", then she asked about babies, I said, well that's a whole other conversation that you should ask your mom.

man oh man, these conversations with these 3 year olds are getting a little detailed and elaborate, whatever happened to the 3 word sentences about toys and cartoons, so inquisitive!!!

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