Thursday, May 19, 2011

where do I begin???

I haven't been writing lately because I have been sooo busy with everything. Hudson started walking and doing EVERYTHING Jaxson does. He is becoming quite the handful.

Jaxson has been Jaxson, he got into my purse the other night and shoved 5 pieces of gum in his mouth, He took a box of cookies out of the cupboard and kept saying, "I'm not doing nothing" and ran and hide and ate half the box, he definitely takes after his father.

He was watching Scooby doo today and when the song came on "scooby, dooby doo where are you?" instead he sang, "scooby dooby doo, PEE on you" and pretended to pee in the air. I really don't know what to say about this.

Oh and Jaxson started potty training hence the above pee song and dance. I have been very busy with potty training.  He has to pee standing up which is very interesting and messy. Tonight he decided to sit next to me and take his diaper off, he was sitting with his junk hanging out and I said "why don't you go into the bathroom and go potty?" all of a sudden he peed a little and it squirted up in the air and right on me. A nice golden shower for me, awesome.

 Little boys are sooo special.

We were getting ready for bed the other night and he took my contact case off the sink, opens it up and puts his finger in it and then in his eye. He did each eye and then said, "just put my eyes in" and blinked.

He also LOVES to answer the phone. When the phone rings its a race between me and him on who is going to answer it, sometimes when I know its a telemarketer or someone I don't want to talk to, its not so much of a race, he wins, hehe.

Kailey is playing softball so that takes up many of our weekday nights. We also have been running together at night when its not raining. She is looking forward to summer vacation. I beg the differ.

Well thats all I can think of at the moment. More to come, I'm sure.

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