Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well Easter was a success.  I thought I would be really disappointed knowing Kailey knows the truth about the holidays but it really wasn't that bad. Here are some things that actually was in my favor.

-she helped me pick out what to put in the baskets and was more excited because she knew what she was getting.
-I got a good nights rest, not having to worry about waking up and putting baskets together in the middle of the night and placing them out before the kids woke.
-I actually got up about 7 am and played Easter bunny and then had some time to myself before the kids woke up.
-Hiding things from a 1 and 2 year old was WAY easier than hiding them from a 10 year old. I wasn't out in the cold garage climbing up a ladder in the middle of the night getting the gifts.
-Kailey wasn't up all hours of the night either trying to really see the Easter bunny or trying to see me play the Easter bunny and catch me in the act, therefore I got really good rest.
-And the number one ultimate best thing was that she wasn't up at the butt crack of dawn!!!!

Kailey really loves her brothers and little kids so she really got them excited for the holidays, it was cute.

Here are some Easter pic events.
Jaxson getting his basket

Hudson wasn't very happy

Kicks his basket over

now hes better and enjoys his basket

Jaxson ready for the Easter egg hunt

Hunting for eggs

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