Thursday, June 16, 2011

who knew?

So there I sit at the drs again for Hudson's ears and he is sleeping on me. Its 1 in the afternoon and its nap time. Its us, a glowing new family and their newborn and an 1 old man. We sat for 20 mins waiting to get in, it was quiet, and boring. The newborn started crying and the new mother tried everything to comfort him, I look over and the old man who keeps staring at me. I thought well there wasn't really much else going on to look at, but he just kept smiling.  I smile back as my normal happy self.

The new couple kept looking over now and then, the mother trying to comfort her baby and I just kept going about my business.

After 15 minutes of him smiling at me and staring I thought well maybe he thinks I'm pretty, "yep, 30 and still got it in me", well lets be honest hes no Brad Pitt and he was really old so, I just kept smiling back. What a nice happy old man he was.

 Maybe he likes babies, I thought,  although he was smiling and looking at MY baby, not the brand new baby screaming his head off, a little too weird don't you think?  So I look down at my sleeping baby and I see what he was really smiling and staring at, Hudson had his hand on my V-neck shirt and my boobs were EXPOSED!!! Not just my cleavage but half of one of my boobs was almost hanging out.

I quickly moved his hand and the old man looked away, YEP that's what he was looking at, not my pretty face or my pretty smile, not my charming self and definitely not my sleeping little angel, but yes my breasts!!!

How did I not feel my boob hanging out of my shirt??? WOW, didn't see that coming!!

Who knew old men still liked boobies, he looked so sweet and old and innocent but nope he got a show, and your welcome old man, have fun at home with your wife tonight. The peep show is over!

Lets be honest, males are males no matter what age, they all like it!!

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