Monday, June 6, 2011

shower incident

The other day I was getting out of the shower, it was no different than any other shower, I was drying off, I had a small audience and it was just like any other day, except this time Jax turns to me as I was drying off and laughs. Not only does he laugh but he points at me and says, "hahhahaaha look at your wiener, hahahahaha". I wasn't sure if i should laugh, correct him or just kick him out of the bathroom. So I did all three, I laughed and said, " mommy doesn't have a wiener" and quickly covered myself with my robe. He then turned around and walked out of the bathroom and chuckled, "mommy has a wiener", under his breath.  I was really expecting him to laugh and tell me how small it was or something but he just laughed and pointed. Okay I thought to myself, no more showering if front of Jax anymore.

He also will not stop saying, "puppy power" and pretending to pee in the air. I dont know where he got this from but when did he go from a cute little toddler to a typical little boy.

And why is it that Hudson cries when I spank Jaxson??? This is the total opposite of what is suppose to happen. Hudson cries and Jaxson laughs, so when I spank Jax for being mean to Hudson, Hudson is going to cry for him, so this tactic is not working for me.

Hudson also likes to hit Jax, all the time, I can foresee many fights in the future between these two kids, They are already wrestling and fighting over toys and the sad thing is, is that Hudson already beats up on his big brother. I knew he was going to be a brute at his 8.8 pounds of birth weight but I thought Jax would always have the upper hand as the big brother, but apparently not!
Jax and Hudson

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