Sunday, March 6, 2011

mouse hunt

Well I have to tell this story, it happened a few months back. I am not very proud of the fact that this happened but it truly is a funny story and should be shared.

One morning my husband swore he saw a mouse scurry across our dining room floor and went into the laundry area. I'm like no way, not in this house. If you know me you know that I kinda have an obsession with cleaning all the time.So I thought there would never be a mouse here. But I know it really does happen quite often, messy house or not.

Anyways, I kept an eye out for this mouse for a few days and finally, I saw it, it was a cute little thing and it was tiny, well I was kinda pissed about the fact that had a mouse in the house, but I don't really like the idea of killing an animal not even a mouse, so, the humane thing to do is  trap it with the broom and put it in a box and put it outside. Yeah well,  have you ever tried catching a mouse? They are fast, every time it came in the kitchen I would sneak up on it, I would get 10 feet from the thing and it was gone. After several attempts of swatting it with the broom and the kids thinking I was crazy, I decided it was time for a trap. That night I bought a trap and set it up and waited......

The next day nothing in the trap, I thought for sure the peanut butter would do the trick, but nothing.

The kids arrived in the timely manner they do every morning and my part time child who hadn't been over in some time was here that day. H is 4 years old. After lunch we cleaned up and it was time for naps. Well H has outgrown his naps so he does a quiet activity or movie while the little ones sleep. As soon as I layed the last child down H came running into the bedroom, I said go into the living room I will be right out. A few seconds behind him I walk out through the dining room where I see H standing white as a ghost and not moving. I said what are you doing H? He didn't say anything, I said "go into the living room I'm starting the movie" and the look on his face was just FEAR. At this point he started shaking, I said "what is wrong?" he just looked down at the floor and pointed, I had no clue. I picked him up and he just started to cry,  Then it clicked, H saw the mouse. I said "ahhh you must have seen my little friend. Did you see the mouse?" He shook his head up and down . "I have been trying to find that mouse all day long, which way did he go?" He slowly stopped crying and the color returned in his face, he said though the kitchen. Then he said "it bite me" I said "what?" He said it again "It bite me". Now if you know H, sometimes he tells some good stories, so I said "where" he took off his sock and said "on my toe", Well, thinking, ok, that would be where it would have bitten him, I said "point to where it bite you", he then pointed to the bottom of his foot. I thought at that moment "phew, he didn't get bitten" there is no way for the mouse to bite him on the bottom of his foot. But he insisted, I inspected his whole foot and saw no marks, there is no way it happened.

So I had to do what any good provider would do and call his mother. How was I going to explain to his mother that her son been bitten my a mouse in my house, would she even believe me?

I explained what happened and she laughed, she laughed so hard that there as a moment of silence on the phone and was pretty sure it didn't happen. I said I didn't think so either because I couldn't even come 5 feet of the mouse and oddly he walked up to H and bite him. But something had happened, either he came pretty close to the mouse and it scared him or he ran and it maybe ran across his foot, I have no idea but he was upset.

H was sooo scared he didn't even want to go into the dining room for a snack and when he did, he wouldn't let his feet touch the floor, he also warned all the other children about the ferocious mouse that would bite them if they were on the floor, so I had all 4 kids running and hiding from  this mouse. Just picture 4 children running and jumping on the furniture so this mouse wouldn't get them.

So there I was with this mouse in my house torturing all the children. It was a long day and well that night I finally heard the snap, and sure enough the mouse was dead. It took me a week of convincing H that it was gone, he even looked for it every time he ran through the dining room for weeks.

The following week my cat was napping by the washer, he stood up reached his paw under the washer and grabbed another mouse with his paw, and with one bite and a few crunches it was gone. Blood squirted on my floor and my stomach turned, could you imagine if H or one of the other children witness this one????

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