Monday, March 14, 2011

Birds and the bees cont.

I was ready for what ever was to come, when the words sex and intercourse stumbled out of my mouth I was prepared for what was about to happen. She calmly just said, "I already know".

Of course she did, most 11 year olds do. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy because there was less explaining I had to do. Disappointed that I was 1 year too late. I just can't believe we have to talk to our daughters about sex at such a young age, 10 or sooner. What happened to being just kids?

I asked her how she knew and she said she just figured it out. I'm sure the television and her friends helped out too. Not that I watch people having sex all the time on tv but it seems like any channel you turn on either a commercial  or show mentions a word that refers to sex or shows something.

Now we have commercials for sexually transmitted disease' which by the way Jax says he wanted that Valtrex the other day. It was for a herpes commercial he obviously thought it was sometihng else and asked me to buy some. "Really Jax, I don't think you want some of that" but wow the media plays a huge role in our children growing up WAY to fast. Kailey asked what it was for and I mentioned for a disease. Should have gone into the whole STD talk but Isreal was sitting right there and he would have died and curled up under the couch to be apart of that.

Even though she already knew what intercourse was she didn't know everything, I'm glad to report that I got to teach her about sperm in the testicles and how they swim to the egg to create a baby.

I am also happy to report when I confirmed that she knew about the penis going into the vagina, she only said one word, "Creepy", then I went into, "yes, yes it is and don't forget that".

So glad this talk is over, I get to cross it off the list of  the many things I need to talk to her in her life. I'm sure the next will be about STD's and protection, I hope not too soon though.

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  1. New follower! Love your blog and the way you write :)
    I am dreading the day I have to have the sex talk with mine, kids do grow up way too fast.

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