Monday, March 21, 2011

When your toddler swears...

So last night we were settling in for bed, Kailey was reading to Jax in our bed and I was watching tv. All of a sudden Jax says "mommy watch", I looked over and he hits his fists on the bed and says, "God Damn it"!!. Me and Kailey looked at each other in shock. He did it again, and again, and laughed at himself.

 So I am thinking to myself, do I burst out laughing because it really was hysterical, I mean the expression on his face was like he knew what he was saying. But I didn't want him to think it was funny because he would do it again and again. But I also didn't want to scold him because with a kid like Jax, if I said "don't say that word", you better believe he is going to say it. So I just ignored him. The last time he did it he asked "is that funny mommy"??  I wanted to say "yes" so bad but I simply just said, "no buddy, that's not funny, its not a nice word to say" and left it like that.

So apparently now my precious innocent little boy swears, he says "God Damn it". I asked Isreal where he heard that word and he said from me and that I say it all the time when I'm frustrated. I'm like please, "I don't ever swear and if I do its going to be a good one, not God Damn it".

So what are you supposed to do when your toddler swears?? Ignore? Punish? Scold? Laugh?? or all of the above?

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