Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hit and Run X 2

So here is a continuation of the mom van,  I don't even like using the word "mini" van so its a mom van. So anyways, like I said before I really like driving it, there is just one problem, I CANT BACK UP!! Like out of parking spots, or drive ways or any reverse for that matter. I actually have hit people, not vehicles but actual people, not just once but twice, here's the stories.

The first incident I was driving and Isreal was in the passenger seat, which is rare because he always drives. We pulled into the gas station and he gets out to pump gas. Well a minute later he gets back in and says the pump wasn't working so he wanted me to move up to the next pump so I slowly started forward and he yelled, "wait, your card went through go back", I put it in reverse and started to back up. Well I didn't see the two men making their way through the pumps and I hit one. Not hard but he hit the back of my van with his fist to let me know he was there. By that time, I already saw him and stopped. I mean really, I was going like 3 miles an hour but it was enough to knock him off balance. He didn't stop or wait for me to apologize and continued into the store. I thought do I wait for him to come out or hes obviously fine since he didn't stop or say anyting to me. Now if I got hit I would sooo be yelling at the dumb bitch in the car, so I left.

Isreal kept scaring me saying that they had the hit and run on video and he was going to come back and take everything we owned, but guess not were still here.

The second incident we were at Walmart and just finished shopping, it was me and the 3 kids. I started backing out of my parking spot and in one second saw this elderly man right behind my van. He tried to put out his arm like he was going to pull some super strength out of some where and stop the van, but I saw him and braked it. He also continued on his way, I think he did swear at me a little, I just waved.
But seriously when you are walking through a parking lot and a vehicle has on his reverse lights why would you walk directly behind them? Usually you make eye contact and see if they are going to let you go first and then you do a mini circle around the vehicle. Not my fault he moves slowly but he should have noticed me getting ready to leave.

Well all in all, its wise if you see me driving and getting ready to back up don't go behind my vehicle, it doesn't matter how far back you are its not safe, I cant back the thing up, I'm not sure if its because its long like driving a bus or what, its hard and dangerous, I could hit you. But this has only been a problem since the purchase of the van, they say its the safest vehicle for your family, and it just might be for us, but if you are not in my vehicle it could be a death trap for you.

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