Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let me introduce to you, Hudson Kid

So I have talked a lot about Jaxson and a little about Kailey but I have not mentioned my third child, Hudson Kid. Yes, that is actually his middle name, people comment on it all the time. It is Isreal's middle name and I wanted to pass it down and it fits nicely, yadda, yadda, yadda.....

So anyways, Hudson is 10 months old right now, I know, I know, he looks like he is 2 but he is just a really BIG boy, he was born big and hasn't stopped growing since. Hudson is also our little vacuum cleaner. He started crawling about a month ago and he eats EVERYTHING off the floor. I vacuum several times throughout the day but he still manages to find something to eat.

The funny thing is we have found many things in his poop when changing his diaper. We have found, wood pellets, we have a pellet stove and he always finds the one pellet that falls on the floor. Apparently they don't digest well because it comes out looking like it went in. I have also pulled a string out of his bum, yes, half in and half out, it wasn't like a sewing thread it was thicker and a couple inches long. How he choked that down is beyond me. Oh and the other day Isreal found a sticker, a whole sticker, it was perfect, apparently stickers don't digest either, we could have taken it out of his diaper and stuck it to something, it looked brand new(well with some poop on it). So yeah, hes my little vacuum cleaner, he also chews on everything.
The morning he learned to crawl,  the first thing he did was crawl over to the rocking chair and chewed on it, like a wild animal. I knew right then that we were in BIG trouble.
Here is what Hudson got caught doing today, ripping the pages out of the books and eating them. I can't tell you how many pieces of paper I have taken out of this kids mouth in the last month.

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