Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone Needs a Jaxson

So Jaxson is by no means a bad boy, he is just challenging at times, he is a typical 2 1/2 year old boy and then some. Jaxson is my cuddler, he loves to be held, he loves to hug and kiss and he loves to not listen. Yesterday was one of those days, I'm not sure if he tests me because he is my child and he has to share me with other children or if its a typical toddler boy but here are some things he did yesterday.

Lets start off with breakfast, he is the only child, 2 of them are his age, that is going to spill his drink on the table and then play in it, wipe it all over and splash it on the floor, this happens typically once a day. Yes that is milk in his hair.

When we do arts and crafts he will draw, paint or scribble on himself and the table. He paints his face every time. I refuse to give him scissors.

When the kids wash their hands before we eat he will be the first to wash his hands and purposely won't dry them so he can shake the excess water off of his hands onto the kids faces, they scream and he runs away laughing. Wish I had a pic of this one but I don't.

We tried to play a game yesterday, Elefun, its catching the butterflies in the net.The kids love this game but Jax just likes the nets to use as hats. He really does like to make people laugh.

And at nap time, all the kids go down without a fight, Mr Jaxson gets out of bed 20 times and came out with a nerf gun crawling on the floor looking for me, like he was going to shoot darts at me. And then he hid on me, can you see him under the blanket on the floor?

In the afternoon, another hand washing incident, Jax was still in the bathroom when all the kids were done, I went in to investigate and he had taken Kaileys tooth paste tube and squeezed all the toothpaste out on the counter, wiped it on him, the wall and door, not only was it all over the place but as soon as I walked into bathroom I stepped into a big glob of it. I didn't take a pic of this, I wasn't impressed, but should have.

When we went outside there was one rule, do not go into the water, guess where Jax ran to? And then refused to get out of it. This kid is going to do the opposite of what I tell him to do, maybe I should use reverse psychology and tell him, "go into the water" then maybe he wont. I don't know, hes not really bad, he just doesn't make the right choices. : )

Jax dressed himself the other day, He did a great job. Even though he keeps me on my toes, I wouldn't trade this kid for anything, he loves to make people laugh, he is lovable and loves his baby brother, Hudson is 11 months now and is starting to mimic what Jaxson does, this may not be a good thing. I love my boys and everything they bring to the world.

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  1. Speaking from experience - Jaxson is just like his mother.