Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When Kailey was about 7 or 8 her tooth fell out. The tooth fairy was coming and she was sooo excited. That night she put her tooth under her pillow and went to bed. Of course me, a sleeper, frantically worried about forgetting to put the money under her pillow. What if I forgot to wake up?? I couldn't possibly just stay awake all night,  so I set my alarm and went to bed. The alarm went off and I got up to play tooth fairy. I walked into Kailey's room. It was dark and Kailey was fast asleep. Now all I had to do is sneak in, grab the tooth and get out of there. In and Out, that was the plan.

Well the plan didn't go to well. As I snuck in the dark bedroom, I stumbled over a toy and fell to the ground. I laid there like an army man hiding from his attacker, flat on the ground I heard Kailey stir. I held my breath and waiting for her to go back into a deep sleep. I hit the floor hard, there were toys everywhere and I think I landed on some markers.
There I was at 2 am laying on toys in a dark room, not the greatest situation I have ever been in. I crawled to my knees, and got to her bed. I reached under her pillow and the tooth wasn't there. Holy freakin Hell, where is the tooth? I can't leave money and not take the tooth!! So I moved very slowly to the next pillow, keep in mind she is sleeping on her pillow, of course she put it under the pillow that is on the other side of her, near the wall. I crept over her and without breathing or touching her, finally found the tooth and left the money. I turned around and crept out of the room, it was like dodging land mines in a battle field. I got out without a scratch, well besides my hurt knee from falling on the floor, OPERATION TOOTH FAIRY WAS A SUCCESS!!

So last night she lost another tooth. I was in her room and we were talking about the tooth fairy. I was thinking about my plan for the tooth fairy. Her room was clean and she had 1 pillow on her bed. What if I slipped the money under her pillow right now before she went to bed so I didn't have to worry about waiting for her to fall asleep or creeping in the middle of the night? How could I get it under without her noticing? I laid on her bed while I talked to her. Oh and guess what the tooth fairy only had 10s and 20s that night, lucky her, I slipped a 10 under her pillow and said goodnight. As I walked out she started giggling and said "mom, I have known for 2 years now, thanks for the money"
How did she know??? I froze and turned around and said, "What are you talking about"?? "Whatever mom, I know the truth, just tell me" So I told her the truth and said "2 years??????, I have been going through all of this for nothing for 2 YEARS!!!!!!" I laughed with her and we talked a bit, she told me how she figured it out.

Then I was sad, I feel when your child knows the truth about these things, you mind as well give them a job and move out of the house, they are practically an adult. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up so fast!! I also was very happy that I could go to bed and not have anxiety about getting money under her pillow.

Now I know why the tooth fairy left money on my window sill in the kitchen as a child, what a smart mother I had!!

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  1. HA!! Your mom left the money on the window sill?! Love it!