Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's events

So yesterday I started my Spring cleaning. What a challenge it has been with the kids. I don't have as many as I usually do but with the school being closed this week I have had some school aged kids as well. I decided to do one room a day, today was the kitchen. Here's a pic of Hudson trying the "help" me clean out the cupboards. He emptied the whole cupboard himself.

Yesterday we were outside all day long, a mere 75 degrees and we were loving it. Guess what I found in Hudson's diaper today? Well besides his poop, LEAVES, yep pieces of leaves. It was sooo gross. Why does he need to eat everything? It can't possibly taste good, and how does he choke it down? OH MY GOD I totally forgot, guess what I caught him doing today? Licking the dust pan!!! Our dust pan has got to be the grossest thing in our house, its dirty and God knows whats on it, I started to dry heave while I was wiping out is mouth. Eww I just puked in my mouth thinking about it.

While we are on the poop and gross conversations guess what I got for the first time with Jaxson this morning? Poop in the underwear!
Now, I don't know about you but there is something about poop in underwear. Yes its gross but its also impossible to get the underwear off without getting it all over the place, and for your information, it was not one hard lump, it was the worst kind of poop in the underwear, mushy!! I thought it would be a good idea to put undies on him this week since I didn't have as many younger kids, but that went right out the window, diapers went right back on!! I knew he was doing it as soon as I saw him hiding, but it was too late.
Not to mention when you get the poop in the underwear, you hate to throw out a new pair but seriously how are you going to salvage it, it went right into the garbage. He was really upset and started crying when I threw his Thomas the Train underwear in the garbage, I said to him, "seriously why are you crying??? I should be the one crying, do you know what I just went through???" It smelt so bad and it was everywhere!!

Besides eating leaves and licking the dustpan, Hudson also decided he would draw a picture, he might possibly be a genius. 11 months old and already using a easel. So what if he eats unusual things, maybe he is a artist!!

Tomorrow I have a special surprise for the kids, I purchased train ride tickets and they are featuring the PBS cartoon Dinosaur Train. I usually don't do things like this on my own, so I hope it goes well, I'm a little scared! Wish me luck!

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