Friday, April 1, 2011

new playset

So this year we decided to get rid of our old swingset and upgrade to a newer model. I have always loved the big wooden playsets, so decided to splurge and buy one for the kids this year. I have been researching them for a year now. Prices, shipping, weight capacity and so forth.

I needed one that would accommodate 3-12 years of age and hold many children.
There were so many questions, how tall?? Should I get monkey bars? Sandbox? and so forth. After hundreds of websites, reading millions of reviews I have finally narrowed it down and just purchased the Patriot Adventure Playset. A "Patriot" just sounds like a really good sturdy swingset, right??

The Patriot has an awesome upper clubhouse with second level sun porch. Down below there's a two-level play deck / sand box and a picnic table. A standard ladder and solid rock wall allow climbing to be both easy or challenging. The spiral slide is a blast! There are two belt swings and a two-person glider so four can swing at once. (sand sold seperately)
I decided not to go with monkey bars since it seems too dangerous with the younger children. I found this the cheapest at Target, they had it on sale and with free shipping. Can't wait to get it and set it up, the kids are going to love it!! Will show pics when its all together. Isreal is going to be thrilled when we have to put it together!!

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