Tuesday, April 19, 2011

doctor, doctor.....

So two of my kids who are siblings have recently gone to their doctor's for physicals. So guess what all the kids have been doing the past couple of days. Oh yes, playing doctor. I even have a pretend doctor kit which has been very popular these last few days. Here are some things I have been over hearing, keep in mind there is 1 five year old and 3 two and half year olds.

Two year old girl lays on her back and says to the kids "now check out my penis". Now when I overheard this word "Penis" come out of a 2 year old girls mouth I immediately ran in to investigate. Well yes she was laying on her back and pointing to her "penis", I calmly said, " "M" no checking out penis' and you don't even have a penis" she quickly sat up stunned that I knew what was going on. The other kids were looking at her like she was crazy, either because they knew she didn't have a penis or they wanted to see if she did in fact really had a penis, either way, they were confused.

Its kinda funny, I have a window that is between my living room and kitchen so I can see everything that goes on in the living room when I am in the kitchen, its seems like the kids don't think I can see out that window. They look in the dining room to see if I am looking before they do something they are not supposed to do and then shocked that I catch them, HELLLOOOO I am looking through the window at you kids, its apparently a magic window, they can see in but no one can see out?!!

Back to the doctor talk, I then saw again another girl laying on her back and lifting up her shirt and said, "now for my boobies", well at least she got the right body part and terms down. So again I went in and told all the kids "now I don't mind that you play doctor, but no penis and booby checking, you keep your shirts down and your pants up. Your private areas are meant to be private" Then the 5 year old boy, like always, has to charm into the fact that his doctor had to check it out and that its ok when mommy is there with you but no one else. I said "yes, but not here at my house" .They just looked at me. WOW, all I can say is that we have some fresh little kids here, and playing doctor has certainly got more technical then taking ones blood pressure and temperature.

So happy that they are now into playing with the train table, I had to get their focus to something different.

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