Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I didn't know about having a boy

So I was the youngest of 3 girls, and most of our family are females. Also, my first was a girl, Kailey, so I was sooo used to having a girl. I always wanted a boy, I love little boys and everything they have to offer. The one thing that people didn't tell me about little boys is their penis'.

What I really mean by that is why didn't anyone tell me about baby boners???? I didn't know this event happens so early in life. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against boners by any means, for God sakes I have 3 kids but when I am changing my little boys diaper I don't want it looking back at me. I understand the whole morning wood thing but it also happens in the middle of the day, at night, or anytime at that.

I had so many questions and so many things to think about, do I wipe it down, when you are diapering them does it go up, down or just leave it. How do I clean it? Do they clean it? So confusing.

Here are some facts I think every mother of a baby boy should know, which I have learned the hard way.

-a baby boner doesn't just happen in the morning!! It can happen at anytime of day or night.

-when a little boy gets up in the morning, its just best if you give them some time before changing their diapers.

-If you are changing a little boy if you can, put it down or they will pee up out of their diaper.

-with a newborn, be on gaurd at all times when changing their daipers because they will pee without any warning and they can pee FAR!!

-its ok, even at a young age, as soon as they find it they will play with it, diapering them, bath time, or when they watch tv.

-don't freak out when they start wearing underwear that you will see it standing tall. Its a whole lot of new feeling not having a diaper on, must be refreshing.

-they pee everywhere, as an infant they pee when you change them, as a toddler they pee when they don't have diapers on and when they are potty trained, they can't aim for SHIT!!!

There I said it, now more mothers of future little boys know, boys will be boys, and they will be fascinated with it!

Here I am with two little boys, I wanted 2 boys, but now knowing what I know, I'm surrounded by penis' and their love for it.

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