Thursday, April 14, 2011

All aboard the Dinosaur Train!!

So I took the kids on the Dinosaur train yesterday. I wanted to treat my kids to something special without any extra kids. Jaxson loves this PBS cartoon show and anything to do with trains and dinosaurs is going to be a hit. It was really fun and REALLY packed, they had bus loads of preschoolers pulling in, we waited in line for half an hour just to get our tickets. This is the second time we have been to this train, we did the train robbery back in the Fall which was a lot of fun.
They had cut outs of dinosaurs along the way that the kids had to find looking out the window. They also had crafts and activities for the kids to do along the way. The train departed from Milford NY to Cooperstown NY about an hour long train ride. Here are some pics of the kids on the way.

Jax waiting for the train to depart from the station.

looking for the dinosaurs

Jax telling Hudson about the dinosaurs out the window

Kailey telling that "this is lame" Yes I made her go

Hudson enjoying the ride

This is Jaxson's reaction when Buddy the dinosaur came on board

Buddy saying "hi" to us

Saying "bye" to Buddy

I totally forgot to take a picture of the outside of the train, it was hectic and tons of people to make my way through. I am glad we did it, and we will definitely be riding on this train again!! Wish I had a funny story to tell you but I don't. Jaxson was EXCELLENT. thank goodness!!

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